Image Steganography Java Project Source Code

Image Steganography project is a encryption related application which is used for transmitting data securely by encrypting in image file and decryption at receiving side. Working procedure is explained below.

Image Steganography Java Project Source Code

Image Steganography Java Project Working & design:

Steps for encoding 

  • On first form, there are total 5 tabs namely encode, decode, Help, About us, Home.
  • When user clicks on encode tab, this form display.
  • To select a file which is to be hide in BMP image, user has to click Open source button.
  • When user clicks on Open source button, a dialog box will open from which user can select a file with any extension for hiding.
  • After selecting a particular file, the file will open another window.
  • For selecting BMP image in which file has to be hide, user has to click on button Open BMP.
  • For encoding, user has to give 8 character password which is also encoded/hided in BMP image.
  • In a text field in front of every button, path of the particular file will be displayed.
  • In front of Test File label, you have to give the path for storing encoded image.
  • For actual processing, user should click on Processing button. 

Processing will be done in following manner 

  1.  Image must be 3 times greater than original file which is to be hide.
  2. If password is not of eight character, it will give an error.

Steps for decoding 

  • After encoding both the images that is before hiding and after hiding, will be displayed in two separate windows.
  • For decoding, user should close both the window and click on Decode tab.
  • For opening images with hidden file, click on Open BMP button and follow the same path where encoded image is stored. Complete path will displayed in text box which is in front of DestFile button.
  • The text box which is in front of Original button, the name and path of retrieved file is stored.
  • Same password must be given by user at decoding code also.
  • When user clicks on Decoding button, actual decoding starts and original file will be opened into separate images.

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  1. hi is it possible that i can have the source code and the documents if you have it. It would be such a help. Thank you.

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