Hospital Disease Management Android Project

Hospital Disease Management



This project gives you the information about hospital management. The user can find easily by this application and information about common basic diseases and symptoms.


When any user want to know about the basic information of diseases the person will interact with net or any other consult doctors and causality person if the person want more about any information about this hospital.

Person will interact the concern hospital and if the user want to take appointment user want to go directly to the hospital to fix the appointment . if the user is enable to go hospital in particular time. User will enable to take appointment instantly.

Even if user enter in time he will wait for appointment registration for a while some times it will take much time.


The application in android will get the basic information about all details of particular hospital and about any information about diseases and symptoms will get instantly through this application and it will show the path or location of the particular hospital.

And also will get online appointment instantly we can use it any were at any time by using web view it shows the online registration form directly in webpage user can get appointment instantly and this application providing doctors information and there designations.

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  1. May I get the source code for this project????
    As soon as possible if u could send me the code i would be helpful for me…..

    Thank you,

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