HI –FI Infirmary Portal Java Project Report

HI–FI-Infirmary-Portal-Java-Project-reportHI-Fi Infirmary portal java project explains about a software application which is developed for hospitals to organize information related to patients, doctors and employees. This project report covers purpose of the project, system architecture, overview of the project, literature survey, and system analysis and system requirements.

In present scenario hospitals maintain data using manual process or through excel sheets but there is no software application which can look after data. This application will provide user friendly graphical user interface with different modules to organize data in hospitals. Receptionists can maintain doctors and patients information in data base and retrieve old records in very less time. This process can save time and improve customer service in hospitals. Using this software hospital staff can communicate with each other. Patient’s reports and doctors appointment details will be available on finger tips. 

      This application is developed in java platform and oracle as database. In order to provide flexible and easy operation of GUI’s top level interfaces are accessed using browser. Top level interfaces are divided into two modules

Administrative user interface: This module is accessible to administrator who can organize entire software application data. He can perform update, delete and modify data along with search capabilities.

The operational or generic user interface: This module is used by end user who can organize his own data as per his requirement.

In secondary stage application is divided in to five modules. Detailed information about these modules is specified in project document.

download HI –FI Infirmary Portal Java Project Report.

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