Generic Processing System Mainframe Experienced Project Abstract

Project Name  : Generic Processing System

  1. Role                 : Developer
  2. Environment   : COBOL, CICS, PL/I
  3. TOOLS           :  CHANGEMAN, FILEAID, Easytreive, Info Man, CA7, Expeditor. 

Project Summary:

Generic processing system for Banking Sector which handles all the generic processing for all the system and transactions for all the type of accounts in order not to display the rollback truncation done to the customer.

This mainframe application has come up with a development project to delete the rollback transaction for CA (current account) & FCCA (Foreign currency current accounts) by calling generic routines for every 15 minutes in the production to log the roll back transaction done by the customer for CA and FCCA accounts and formatting the transactions sending the transaction to TDS server through MQ series to delete them and here the TDS system deletes the roll back transactions.

Developer Responsibilities:

  • Prepared the design and completely worked individually for UR from the design to implementation and support.
  • Preparing the HLD (High Level design) DTLD ( Detail Design) & estimates
  • Preparing the UTP’s
  • Developing the code as all are scratch programs (Coded 5 On-line scratch programs for IGSP system)
  • Test run the code by preparing test run JCL’s involved in all the testing phases Unit testing

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