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It seems that over the past few decades a new art form has emerged. This is an art form that painters, writers and photographers dive into on a daily basis. A piece of art is considered to be abstract when the image is not clearly defined or visibly noticeable in a quick glance.

The word abstract means “not relating to concrete objects but expressing something that can only be appreciated intellectually.” This is a relatively new art form that takes mundane objects and transfers them to the unknown.

Abstract art is one of the fastest growing fields of photography. A photographer is able to take abstract pictures of people, landscapes, places, animals and much more. A photographer is given a broader range to experiment abstractly when using a digital camera but a regular camera can also be used. There are several hints to help you when taking an abstract picture.

First of all let us discuss what an abstract picture is. An abstract picture can be the wheel of a tractor, a photograph of a blurred chess piece, a screen window, a solitary fork sitting alone atop a table or the face of a person, unrecognizable and changed.

Abstract art allows the photographer to create new images that only they may see or to turn ordinary objects into a spectacular work of art. A graduate student several years ago, who majored in abstract photography, was told to take a picture of her car.

The student then took pictures of different parts of her car and then made a collage of the collection of pictures in the shape of her car. This is considered an abstract piece of artwork. When taking an abstract photograph of a person stop and think before you press the shutter button.

Look at the subject and pick out the physical features, traits or characteristics that you want the abstract photograph to be composed of. If the subject has been through a tragedy, photograph the eyes, to convey this weight of sadness. If a person is joyous or laughing photograph their mouth in order to bring that joy and free spirit to the photograph.

Abstract photography is great for artists who want to broaden and expand their creative range. It is also wonderful for photographers who have a unique eye and find beauty in things that are extraordinary. Next time you have you camera out fool around with a few of these abstract ideas. You might just fall in love with this relatively new art form.

Software requirements:

Operating System                   : Windows

Technology                             : Java

Web Technologies                   : Html, JavaScript

Web Server                             : Tomcat

Database                                 : Oracle

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