Electrical Projects Based On Power Systems

List of  electrical projects based on power systems:

Download electrical projects based on power systems from this site for free of cost. There are very few sites which provide final year b.tech projects informaiton for free of cost. Electrical students can find ppt,pdf,project report,abstracts with circuit diagrams. Information available here will be helpful for students as reference for there final year projects.

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Links to download  electrical projects based on power systems:

  1. Green House Environment Control projects
  2. Implementation of CDMA System Using Gold Code Spread Spectrum
  3. Digital Dice Game Project
  4. Nuclear Radiation Detection and Tracking through Motes for Preventing from Nuclear Terrorism project
  5. Inter Integrated Circuit Mini Project

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  1. I am send topic about power system.please send base paper on this topic(1.a low cost,highly scalable wireless sensor network solution to achieve smart LEDlight control for green bulidings,2.a mathematical model for stability analysis of DC distribution system for power system integration of plug in electric vechiles,3.cooling system of large-capacity adjustable-speed drive system)

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