E-Shopping Project in Asp.Net

  •           Project Title“E-Shopping Project in Asp.Net”
  •          Team Size:  4 Members
  •           Database Server:  Oracle,
  •          Front End: HTML,
  •          Operating system: Windows XP.
  •          Scripting Language: ASP


The Aim of this E-Shopping Project in Asp.Net is to selling the Electronic Goods through online using internet, here we are going to maintain the customer details, Goods details, Selling Details, admin details, moderator details, buying details, etc., first users can register in this website, after successfully registration he/she can become a Customer. Customer enters into the website for online shopping for purchasing goods through Authentication and performing the transactions of customers through credit card, debit card, PayPal, etc. This project was developed under ASP Scripting language. this can be the connectivity between front end HTML & back end Oracle database server.         


Understanding the requirements of the project and involved in analysis & design phase.

Created database & tables using Oracle server.

Implementation of Front End web design Using HTML & Java Script.

Maintain the Connectivity between HTML & Oracle Using ASP Server side scripting Language.

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