CSE Project for B.tech on Network Administrator Tool with Project Report

Introduction to Network Administrator Tool with Project:

The network administrator tool has been developed in order to provide remote service to all the clients of the administrator that belong to the same network.

This tool has the ability to act as a network administrator to all the clients and can provide services remotely like remote log off, remote shut down, remote chatting, remote file transfer and remote sharing of desktop.

Below are the characteristics, and is expanded on them for everyone to understand. 

Remote Control 

The remote control is made use of for remote operations with the help of an electronic device.

With the help of this characteristic of remote control, operations can be performed remotely, like shutdown and log off from the computers, provided these requests come from the clients.

 Remote File Transfer 

With the help of this feature, files can be transferred from the server to the computer of the client who requests the file. What is done is at first the client sends a request for the file, and then the server recognizes the name of the file.

If the file is present in the server then it will be able to transfer a copy to the client’s computer, else it will display the message – file not found. 

Remote Desktop Sharing 

Making use of the remote desktop sharing, the administrator is given the power to enter the windows desktop, remotely that is located within the network.

What is best about this feature is that can enter the network, without needing a native client. What this feature enables one to do is gain access to the office computer from home and vice-versa. 

Remote Messaging 

This feature makes communication possible, between various hosts, provided they lie within the same LAN.

This allows the users to exchange messages in real time, without any delay. It basically mean passing of data between the users over the network. 

Download  CSE Project for B.tech on Network Administrator Tool with Project Report.

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  1. I balwant kumar appearing my b.tech in last year, i wanna do a mini project in networking.
    Please give some topics related networking.

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