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Users and Website Authors who are interested in using information. Please read our Copyright policy. Content written in belongs to 1000projects users; this content cannot be used by any other websites or web blogs. Projects we provide on this site for free downloads are submitted by our users on their own interest to 1000projects.

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  • Written Content available on this site is owned by users.
  • Projects, Reports & PPT’s available for free download on are submitted by users on their own interest. If you feel like projects code/reports / PPT’s available on are copyrighted. If someone has posted your copyrighted projects code/reports / PPT’s or your personal details to 1000 Projects. Feel free to contact us.

If You Feel Any Copyright Infringement Please Contact Us: “info.1000projects{at}”

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  1. Respctd admin,
    I need source code and documentation for Handwritten Pattern Recognition System using Java. I kindly request you to mail me as soon as possible!!

  2. Can you please make the copyright issue more clear to me.
    I am specifically interested in the free download projects.
    Are there restrictions of what I can or cannot do with them for any purpose including modifications or commercial use if I download any? Thank you

  3. i am an electronic Design engr, i need to design MPPT based Solar charge controller using SG3524 and a pic controller can u pl help me

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