Club Management system Mainframe Project Abstract

Project Name: Club Management system

  1. Environment & Tools:  COBOL, JCL, DB2 (Database), CICS, Z/OS, Easytreive, SAS, File Aid, Endeavour, CA7, Expediter.

  Project Summary:   

                        CMS (Club Management system) is an integrated management system handling the common functions of enrolment, fulfilment, member/club/promotion information support, claims, billing and standard reporting via additional sub system and this project is used to give support to the client. The CMS system contains different clubs like Motor Club, Dental and Health care clubs providing services to US customers.

  • The CMS is equally divided in respect to size between batch and on-line processing, and it is a 24 hour on-line operational customer service system. Legal Care application , being a part of CMS does enrolment, fulfilment and billing for customers through different partners also providing them Lawyers or Attorneys for legal care issues. 

Developer Responsibilities

  • Fixing system defects.
  • Conversion of part of code & testing.
  • working on minor enhancements and major enhancements which will be treated as                                                                 
  • Developments placed by clients.   
  • Response to inquiry, monitor the batch, support production run ,fix or solve application bugs and develop fixes for run time issues due to data errors.
  • Meeting the SLAs for CMS like span, first time right & bug fixes to time resolution.      

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