C++ Tank Game Code

Tank wars or tank game project in C++ is for students who  want to develop this project for academic project. This game software source code is designed in C++ language.

Project Category:

C++ Game Project

Project Design:

Main objective of this project is to design a military type game with two players. Each player will have tanker and base camp and options to gain points by attacking other player tanker and base. Winner is decided based on points he will achieve by destroying opponent camp.

Detailed explanation about project implementation, rules and features are provided in readme file and rules file provided in download file.

Points Procedure:

There are three ways to complete game and win points. In first option which player winds gold will win match and second option is destroying opponent base camp and third option is reaching maximum number of moves.

Project Features:

Multiple player options

Easy to play and complete task in short time.

Download C++ tank game code

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