Business insights of User usage records of data cards

Project title: Business insights of User usage records of data cards

Software: Hadoop 1.1.2, Hive,Sqoop,Tableau

Hardware:5 node cluster.

Project short description: Aim of this project is finding the business insights of current user records data. And get the benefits for business growth. The parameters to be considered for analysis are

  1. Daily user count and bytes transmitted on a particular time slot.
  2. Area wise business(usage) share in the total business
  3. Since every network owner will be depending on partners to get the service where they does not have the service tower.

From case1: We can find the exact what time more users using the network and what time more downloads and uploads happening. Based on that, they can concentrate tower capacity enhancements. If the tower is underutilized then they can reduce the tower capacity.

From case2: They can concentrate the area where they can invest more to get the more users.

From case3: Find out the areas of partner leading and try to improve the owner tower installations.

All above activities currently happening using data warehousing technologies.  But it is more expensive and time consuming.  To help better in this area, we are using the Hadoop and Hadoop Echo systems.



Processor                     :  Intel

Speed                          :  2.5 GHz

RAM                           :  8 GB or More

Hard Disk                   :  500 GB or More 


Operating System       :  Linux

Technology                 :  Hadoop

Tools                           :Hive,Sqoop

Reporting Tool            :  Tableau

Database                     :  My SQL

Java Version                :   JDK1.6 or Higher version

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  1. Kindly send me the PDF and zip file of this project..I have finished taken training on Hadoop and waiting to do my project..Please guide me

  2. kindly send me this pdf and zip file of this project . i have taken training of hadoop this is my first project .please guide me

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