Bank Loan Project Report

A bank is considered a safe and secure place where we could invest our wealth as cash, keep our valuables in locker and also cash transactions.  Often when there is a tight for our cash flow we take loan from the bank. This may be for various purposes like educational, occasional, agricultural, property, vehicle etc. If we are starting a new business where we are investing a huge amount of money, the first thing we do will be to choose a suitable banking partner. A bank can help the business grow in many areas, for e.g. the bank gives a special privilege called Overdraft or OD. This OD will help the company during financial crisis and allow them to run their business smoothly. The process of selecting a bank is pretty much simple; we can go through their balance sheets per financial year. The bank’s performance will be directly shown in the yearly report. The interest rate that banks provide would be mentioned on their financial year report and the risks associated with it could be also could be read from it. The fiscal rating will be also mentioned in yearly report

This portal allows users to check the details of the bank’s financial position and ranking, it also allows users to go through the status of their various undertaken loans and bank balance online.

Benefits for Users:

Would be able to see bank’s assets

New policies and schemes

Track their loan details

View Balance sheets of bank

Banking benefits

The users can log in through their net banking password to view their monthly or daily bank statement, status of their presented Cheque etc. They can view the complete financial report and balance sheets of each branch of the bank. The risk factor could be easily analyzed from the financial follow up reports.Admin will upload all this project reports, policies, current status etc. 

Download Bank Loan Project Report.

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  1. sir i want to establish a small food procesing unit in puri. so send a complete project report for submission at bank for loan.

    1. Dear Madam,

      Please contact your District Khadi Village Industries Commission, Khadi Village Industries Board, DIC Office.

      If you want project report, mail me i will provide you soft copy or your related project.

    1. Hello Mahepal,

      My name is Bhaumik Mehta from Ahmedabad,Gujarat. I am basically highly qualified finance consultant having many years of experience of preparing project report.

      I can prepare project report for blow moulding plastic bottle manufaturing machine for bank loan.

      My charge for project report is Rs. 6000/-

      If you are interested then shoot me mail.

      Thank you.

  2. sir, i need a project report for blow moulding palstic bottle manufacturing machine for bank loan purpose.
    please do me favor..

  3. Dear Sirs and Ladies

    I beg your pardon

    I’m looking for a loan for the project.

    I have a big project, and am looking for a loan $20 million.

    Can help in the loan.

    I am waiting for your response, please.


    I am writing to you to request and ask you to give me a loan for the project.
    I am the author of the project, which includes the purchase of land in the Philippines, an area of 20.91 hectares and building on it a large five star hotel.
    I am willing to repay the loan with interest for the use of the loan amount.
    I am ready to provide you with all the monthly reports on the project and during its progress, and the earth, which I will get to the project, you will be pledged to repay the loan and my interest thereon.

    To purchase the land and begin to implement my project, I first need 6.5 – 7 million U.S. dollars.
    All this, I expounded on my resume that I sent you.
    I do not speak perfect English language.
    This could in principle affect the compiled my resume to companies and investors outside Russia.
    ————————————————– ——————————-

    I ask you a loan equal to $20 million.

    Term of the loan amount to a maximum of 5-10 years.
    I can not pre-pay anything to get this loan.

    Namely I aks.
    The first tranche of the loan should be equal to 6.5-7 million U.S. dollars of the total amount of the loan that is 20 million U.S. dollars.
    This tranche is required for the acquisition of the land area of 20.91 hectares and the start of the project.
    The remaining amount of the loan to be transferred to my bank account at the time you transfer me to pledge the acquired land for the construction of the Hotel.
    I’m ready to sign all necessary documents relating to the provision of this loan to me, but only after review and approval of these documents to my lawyer.

    I give you a copy of its patented Project and copies of the documents for the purchase of my land area of 20.91 hectares.

    I inform the creditor that as the guarantor in my project, the building company, with actives acts.

    I will be glad if you take a positive decision on the matter.

    I ask the loan in 20 000 000$

    Originally ask 300 000$ to go into place and to prepare the contract on land buying with the owner. And at once I will prepare the second contract, for transfer of the earth to mortgaging deduction, to your investor or the company for the term of the loan.

    On receipt of 2 contracts, I ask the investor, to pay the earth for the contract and to list the size of cost of the earth into the account of the seller.

    Other part of the loan, I will open at once on receipt 300 000$ I will go to Philippines and I will open on a place at once corporation and to register corporation in SEC. There will be an open account.

    And the rest from the loan, I already ask the investor to enlist into the corporation account.

    I ask such conditions.

    1) 20 000 000$ the loan.
    2) 300 000$ originally
    3) to pay the earth for documents and the earth will be issued on me and will pass as a deposit to the investor for the term of the credit.
    4) the Rest from the loan in 20 000 000$ into the account of the future open corporation to translate.

    And as the contract under the loan in 20 000 000$ from your party.

    Kostylev Alexander.
    Russia. 660,062. Krasnoyarsk.
    Occupation: Personal Advisor
    Age: 35 years
    Skype: Alekskkost5

  4. Sir, i want a project report on bhujia & namkeen for bank loan amt 20 lacs for setting up the project at guwahati.your co-operation will be highly solicited.

  5. Dear Sir,
    Plz send me a complete project report on my mail for submission at bank for loan, for a Calibration Laboratory.
    Lone amount approx. 70 lacs
    Plz. do me a favor, your co-operation will be highly solicited.
    Thanking You
    Your’s Truly
    Suman Deyashi

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