B.Tech Embedded Systems 2014-15 Projects

B.Tech ECE @ 2014-2015 Titles

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2. Applications of Wireless Sensor Networks In The Oil, Gas And Resources Industries.
3. Student College Alert System To Parents By Their Entry At The College Premises By Using Finger Print & GSM SMS.
4. Examination Room Guide Using RFID For The Jumbling System Based EXAMS.
5. Advanced Supervisory Security Management System For ATM’s Using GSM& MEMS.
6. Zigbee Based Vehicle Access Control System Various Industrial Purpose.
7. Touch Panel Based Industrial Device Management System For Handicapped Persons.
8. Under Water Wireless Control And Transmission System Based On Zigbee Wireless Technology.
9. Remote Controllable And Energy-Saving Room Architecture Based On Zigbee Communication.
10. Automated Vehicles For Physically And Visually Challenged.
11. Networked Agriculture Monitoring & Controlling System For Farmers.
12. Finger Print Based ATM Locker System For Modern Banks.
13. ICU Patient Monitoring System With Automatic SMS System Using GSM Wireless Technology.
14. Application Study Of Mine Alarm System Based On Zigbee Wireless Technology.
15. Obstacle Detecting System For Vehicle Collision Safeguard.
16. Zigbee Based Intelligent Helmet For Coal Miner’s Safety Purpose.
17. Human Recognition Using RFID Technology And Stereo Vision.
18. Metal Detection Robot Control Using Zigbee,GSM Wireless Technology.
19. GSM Based Advanced Prepaid Energy Meter For Electrical Applications.
20. An Automated Stock Price Delivery System Based On The GSM Short Message Service.
21. Finger Print Based Money Management System For ATM Backend Operations.
22. Intelligent Touch Screen Based Access Control Mechanism For Ubiquitous Applications.
23. Accelerometer Based Free Fall or Anti-Slippage Protection For HDD.
24. Microcontroller Based Automatic PRE PAID Electronic Bus Fare System.
25. Remote Weather Monitoring Station Design Using Zigbee.
26. Design & Development Of A GSM Based Vehicle Theft Control System.
27. Autonomous Light Control By Wireless Sensor And Actuator Networks.
28. Remote Sensing And Control Of An Irrigation System Using Distributed Wireless Network.
29. Artificial Vision Systems For The Blind Using Ultra Sonic Wave Transmission Reception Techniques.
30. MEMS Based Automatic Wheel Chair Movement For Paralyses Patients /Old Age People.
31. Innovative Traffic Congestion Control System For Ambulance Using ZIGBEE Technology.
32. Remotely Controllable Outlet System For Home Power Management Trough Pc.
33. Safety of Valuable Items By Using Zigbee And MEMS Sensor.
34. Touch Panel Based Hotspot Information Kiosk Using Zigbee.
35. Security Integrated System Based On Wireless Access Protocol For Industrial Applications With SMS Alert System Using GSM.
36. Electronic Medical Record For Effective Patient Monitoring Database.
37. Development Of The Highways Electronic Toll Collection And Entry System.
38. High Secured Password Protected Door Accessing System Using Touch Panel.
39. Password Operated Device Control Using Mobile Communication.
40. Touch Panel Based Nurse/Attendant Calling System For Physically Impaired.
41. The Application Of Wireless Sensor Network Design Based On Zigbee In Petrochemical Industry Field.
42. Two-Way Wireless Data Messaging System For Rural Areas Using Zigbee Technology.
43. Smart Wireless Temperature Data Logger Using Zigbee.
44. Remote Notice Board Implementation Using GSM Communication.
45. Touch Panel Controlled Motor Speed And Direction Control System.
46. Touch Panel Based Advanced Home Automation System For Next Generation Apartments Using Zigbee.
47. A Robot Motion Authoring Using Finger-Robot Interaction.
48. Remote Monitoring System For Oil Wells Based On GSM/GPRS Technology.
49. Automatic Detection Of Train Arrival Through An Accelerometer Using RF.
50. Remote Home Security System Based On WSN And GSM Technology.
51. Wireless Electronic Notice Board With Multi Nodes Using Zigbee Communication System.
52. Microcontroller Based Finger Print Access Developed Voting Machine.
53. Development Of Intelligent Power Wheelchair Assisting For People On Daily Life Using Motion Recognition.
54. Deploying Zigbee Sensor Network For Vibration Measurement.
55. Sending SMS Through Black Spot Area In An Innovative Manner.
56. Monitoring Of An Aeroponic Greenhouse With A Sensor Network­­.
57. Spy Robot Using Zigbee.
58. Home Automation Using Zigbee.
59. Mobile Phone Controlled Dam Water Gates Controlling System With High-Level Protection.
60. Design & Development Of A GSM Based Vehicle Theft Control System.
61. Messenger Development Without Internet Using ZIGBEE.
62. Intelligent Water Dispenser Based On Embedded Microcontrollers.
63. Voice Enabled Route Guide And Warning System For Blind People.
64. Creating A Single Communication Link Between 2 Wireless Communications.
65. Automatic College Ringing Bell With Different Time Slots.
66. Microcontroller Based Automotive Antitheft Wireless Alarm.
67. Network Intrusion Detection System Embedded On A Smart Sensor.
68. Remote Control Of Smart House Hold Based On DTMF.
69. Boarder Security And Safety Alert System Using GSM.
70. An Innovative College Bus Information System To Students Using GSM.
71. Intelligent Lighting Control System For Railway Stations To Save Power.
72. Unmanned Intelligent Supervisory Steering Control Using Advanced IR Transceiver.
73. Prevention Of ATM Theft Using GSM, GPS&MEMS Using Microcontroller.
74. Shared Steering Control Between Driver And An Automation To Avoid Accidents When Driver Is In Fatigue State.
75. Application Of Intelligent Sun Tracking System With Fuzzy Chip Controller
76. GSM Controlled Robotics.
77. Android Meets LED Bulbs In Smart-Home Automation.
78. Bluetooth Based Data logger For Industrial Automation.
79. Bluetooth Chatting On Android.
80. Robot movement controlling using Android.
81. GSM Based Distribution Transformer Monitoring System.

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