Videolibrary iPhone Application

Project Definition:

  • Videolibrary is iphone application which allow user to store their audio,video and jpeg images according to particular date.It gives user password to secure their data.These data is only shown in the library rather than anywhere in phone storage.

Preliminary Investigation:

  • Videolibrary must allow user to store their data according to particular data.
  • User must allow to sync their camera mode via videolibrary.
  • Audio,video and jpeg images must be taken via videolibrary.
  • It should provide note for storage of particular event.
  • Data which are taken via videolibrary should not be shown in phone storage without videolibrary.
  • It must provide user and password for security.

It should allow user to search their data like video,audio which is available in videolibrary

Selecting the project development Strategy:

  • The software development process also can be divided into smaller, interacting subprocess.
  • Generally, the software development process can be viewed as a series of transformations, where the output of one transformation becomes the input of the subsequent transformation.

Requirement Determination

  • Purpose

The Sole Purpose of application is to allow user to their video,audio or jpeg data according to particular date,month  and year.User can also search contain from videolibrary and also provides  password to secure the data.

  • Overview
    • Application allows user to store their according to particular date,month and year.
    • Application provides user to search contain from library.
    • This application provides user password to secure their data.
  • Environmental Characteristics
    • Hardware Characteristics
      • It supports apple’s iphone.
    • Software Characteristics
      • iOS 5.0(apple’s os for iphone)
    • Users
      • Person having having iphone 4 and above model
    • Goal Of Implementation:-
      • Application is developed in order store user’s data into timely format that user can store according to memoryin past.
      • This application is also developed to provide user to search their data which is available in videolibrary.
    • Functional Requirements:
      • Videolibary must sync with
      • Must allow user to make note on particular date.
      • Must allow to user to search from the videolibrary.
      • Data which is available in videolibrary should not be shown in phone storage.
      • It should allow user sync with media player to play audio and video file.
    • Modules:
      • Storage

This  data store store in videolibary should be only seen via videolibrary.

  • password

This Module allows user to make their data secure from unauthenticed access . 

  • mediaplay

Mediaplay module allows to play contain which are available in videolibrary like audio and video.

Requirement Specification:

  • Software Requirements:

Operating System: Mac OS X 10.8.

Front-End: Xcode 4.5.

Back-End: SQLite.

  • Hardware Requirements:

System configuration: MAC  OS X 10.8 2GB RAM, 40 GB Hard Disk.

Future Enhancement:

  • Youtube videos :
  • Here in this application user can access youtube and store the videos according to particular date.
  • Multiple selection:
  • Here in this application user can add only one video or sond or image but only single time.
  • In future user can add more than one video,image or song at single time.

RSS News Reader Android Project

Project Definition

Rss News Reader It is used for view Rss feeds from various websites which provides Rss feeds.Rss feed is a latest updated news of that website.

Project Name: RSS News Reader

Project Description:

  • This application is developed for Android devices which are very popular and widely used nowa days.
  • This project gives facility View Rss Feeds
  • User can view Latest Updated News From Various news website.
  • This application gives facility to add the new category.
  • This application needs internet connectivity.

Tools: Eclipse, Android SDK

Preliminary Investigation

We got the idea through the Software that provides the facility of viewing rss feeds for desktop like Rss Reader.Then we had thought that this type of application can be implemented in mobile device also. Android platform provides great visual interface for developing applications which are connected through internet. Also Android devices are very popular and widely used nowa days.

Requirement Specification:


This application is used to view RSS news from various websites.


  • This Android application view RSS news from various website.
  • This application is freely available for everyone.
  • User can add new category in this application .
  • User can also view the Rss Feed of any website using Quick News

Environmental Characteristics:


  • 1 PC with P4 or later processor
  • Min 256MB of RAM
  • Android Mobile Device


  • Windows XP or later OS version
  • Android SDK
  • Eclipse


The main goal of proposed system is  to  view the rss News from various News websites.It provides the various categories and user can also add new category .User can view rss feed of any other website using Quick News facility of this application.

Implementation & Testing

Screen Snapshots:

Objective: this is android default menu where all installed apps are displayed.

Description: User will select news –on go icon from the menu to use that app. User will select news –on go icon from the menu to use that app 

Splash Screen 

Objective: for showing name of app, developers and version.


This screen appears for 2 seconds while users open the app 

Main Page 

Objective: main navigation of entire application.


This screen allows user to select default categories like India, world, sports etc.  get quick news, save new category, views saved categories etc.

Updated News 

Objective: this screen appears when user selects default categories.


This button makes sure that every time it is clicked, it will grabs updated news content from the site.

List of feeds 

Objective: grabbing news feeds from RSS URL and showing list of feeds.


This activity will display all the items in list view which are available from the rss link. Each item in list is clickable for getting particular news. 

Individual feed item

Objective: for showing particular feed’s title, date, description and link.


The activity basically provides title of the feed, published date, short description about it, and link to the main article 

Main Article

Objective: displaying main news article from relevant site in browser.


When user will click the article link, the browser will open the link. This link will display main news article for that particular f 

Save New Category

Objective: for saving new news category.


This activity allows user to save new category by entering name and URL of RSS feeds for that. It will sense the unsaved changes and notify user about it.

Saved categories

Objective: categories saved by user will be displayed here.


User can get the previously saved categories from this activity. He can get news by selecting one of the saved categories. There is also option of saving new category at bottom of the screen. 

Quick news 

Objective: getting quick news without saving link directly from feed URL.


When user doesn’t want to save new category, he only wants news from the available RSS feed URL for one time only. He can use this option.

System Design


Use Case Diagram:

  • Get World News Use Case Diagram
  • Get India News Use Case Diagram
  • Get Stock News Use Case Diagram
  • Get Sports News Use Case Diagram
  • Save new Category Use Case Diagram
  • Quick News Use Case Diagram

Activity Diagram:

  • Get Category News Activity Diagram
  • Quick News Activity Diagram
  • Save New Category Activity Diagram

Future Enhancement 

  • We want to improve our Application, as it is the more users friendly and simple. Main thing which attracts all users.
  • We want to improve our home page, as it is the main thing which attracts all users.
  • We will provide more flexibility, more security.
  • We provide a better Fetchers and quick news list.
  • We provide Auto update news fetchers and fast get news.
  • Now category is not saved. But his form is ready so I provide In future save category fetchers.

User Manual 

  • The main screen displays the various existing categories.
  • In add new category option user can add new category.
  • View saved category displays the categories saved by user.
  • In Quick news option user view rss news of any website by giving rss url.

Train Journey Planner Locating Nearer Station

Project Title :  Train Journey Planner Locating Nearer Station

Project Duration :  4 Months.

Project Description :  This application is useful for passenger to find the   nearer railway station from given location. User can see Google Map for railway station and see path and distance of station. It will display available trains between two stations.

Operating System : Windows 7,Windows XP

Tools and Technology :

Front End Tool : Android 2.3.3

Back End Tool : SQLite database

Tools Used : Eclipse 3.6, Eclipse Plug-in for SDK & ADT

Documentation Tool : Microsoft Word, Microsoft Visio

Other Tool : Adobe Photoshop 7

 Project Definition 

Train Journey Planner Locating Nearer Station is android mobile application, developed using Android SDK platform. It is compatible with Android OS. Tool used is Eclipse with the Android SDK plug-in and ADT 6.0 plug in to develop entire application.

The idea behind developing this application is to make life faster & smarter and reduced effort of human. To plan a journey it is very difficult to find a train schedule, So we decide to make a small state level mobile application.

This application is useful for passenger to find the nearer railway station from given location. User can see Google Map for railway station and see path and distance of stations. It will display available trains between two stations from that user can find day and type wise train information.

Preliminary Investigation

  • To plan a journey it is very difficult to find train schedules on internet so we decided to make one small state-level train schedule information application on Android Platform.
  • User face the problem find which train come at which time for that they call the railway inquiry ,some time railway person don’t give proper answer .So we think that make the application which help to find train schedule.
  • When user plan a journey, at that time, some place has a no railway station, so they face the problem, which nearer place have railway station.
  • This application will help for the person who has to check the train schedule at any time according to the requirements.

Selecting development strategy:

  • Object Oriented System Design

Hardware-Software Configuration

System Requirement

In this Train Journey Planner Locating Nearer Station application we have used Android SDK  as a front end tool and SQLite as a backend tool.

Hardware Requirement

  • This Application runs on Android Phones with android version 2.3.3 or later  with at least 4 MB free space of internal memory and at least 12 MB of memory card space.
  • Android phone must support internet connection facility to get full functionalities on targeted Android phone; it may be WiFi or GSM.

Software Requirement 

  • This application runs on Android Phones with Android 2.3.3 OS or later.

Requirement Specification

  • It will display path between two stations.
  • It will display distance between source and destination.
  • By clicking on marker user can see the address of the railway station.
  • It will display the nearer railway station based on the user’s given location.
  • User can find train schedule based on diverse (Source & destination).
  • According to the selection of day user can find the train.
  • User can find train type wise like Superfast, Express etc..

Inventory Management for Marriage Cards Dealer

Inventory Management for Marriage Cards Dealer involves control of orders, storage and use of components used by a company in the production of items which it sells.
It also involves controlling of quantities of finished products for sale.
It involves creating a purchase plan which will ensure availability of items whenever needed, neither too much nor too little.
It is the supervision of non-capitalized assets stock items in the sense supervise the flow of goods from manufacturers to warehouses and from these facilities to point of sale.
We also provide different types of reports

Inventory Management for Marriage Cards Dealer

Basic Home - Dashboard layout Basic Home - Dashboard layout1 Basic Modules in IMS Sales & Sales Order Purchase order List IMS ArchitectureGeneral :

General actually provide option to access Dashboard /Home Page and Options.
It also provides an easy access to important features of the application.
It provides extra feature list like if any back up options that can be included in the application.

Sales Module :

Sales module allows user  to raise new sales quote.
It allows maintaining sales order list.
This module will  allow user  to generate Sales order easily.
It allows to have all info related to Unfulfilled Orders, Fulfilled Orders, Unpaid Orders and Recent Orders.
This module allows maintenance of  Customer, Addition of customers, their order history, payment history etc.

Purchase Module :

Purchase module allows user  to raise new sales order .
It allows maintaining purchase order list.
It allows use to have all info related to Un-received Orders, Unpaid Orders, and  Recent Orders.
This module allows maintenance of  New Vendor, Vendor list, Vendor Products, Payment history.

Inventory Module :

Inventory module allows user  to Add new product and then maintain product List. It also maintains Product categories and Product Pricing.
It allows user to see  current view of all of the stock and track the movement history.
This module allows maintenance of  New Vendor, Vendor list, Vendor Products, Payment history.
This module  also allows work order maintenance too.

Reports Module :

Reports are user friendly and the parameter based design can be done as per user requirements.

Options Module :

Options will include email sending from app, user advance authentication, back up reports option etc.

Online Shopping System PHP project


This is a Online Shopping System PHP live project. Company’s client wants to develop a website to increase his business of laptops and mobiles. Till now he was doing his business offline. Now a day’s its an internet world so if you want to run a business successfully you must have to make it online. So this is a website related to laptops and mobiles business. Main problem comes when a customer is at a far away location and he is not able to come to visit the place. So if one wants to buy laptops or mobiles, he first needs to visit number the shop and tell them the whole details about that and tell them specifications of their needs, the shopkeeper then acts as intermediator and make the work done by charging their amount. Another is that customer who wants to buy laptops and mobiles have to visit the site to see the laptops and mobiles which is quite a cumbersome task. Through this project it is tried to make this thing easy by selling and buying the laptops and mobiles while sitting at their own places and getting the contacts of the shopkeeper through the site.

online shopping


Study of the existing systems

Our client is running his business offline till now.

He wishes to increase his business. The problem he facing was his business was not online he needs to visit the site first and then proceed with his tasks, he wants us to develop a site which makes his business online and vast so that not only local clients could visit him but the clients from different places and the NRIs could also become part of his business. Through this website we have tried our best to make his offline business more efficient by making it online.


Language scope

Language – PHP,HTML,CSS,JQUERY, MYSQL connectivity

Project Scope

  • This Online Shopping System project can be implemented in an average sized organization.
  • An average company will not be very keen on spending on spending lots of money on ledgers. Whereas this project will greatly reduce the costs which is using in common and cheap office items like database and desktop applications.
  • And also there is no requirement to store books or accounts.
  • The data is directly stored in the database in the hard disk of the PC.


  • The main objective of the Online Shopping System project is to help the ongoing user help to attain an easy way to navigate the customer details and solve the offline store problems.
  • It is basically a very instant processing System by which customers can get the product in the right time.
  • Its basically build in the platform of Php & Html which makes the application quite flexible and easy to be operated.

Product Definition

Laptop and Mobile shopping is an online system which helps the sale of laptops and mobiles. It has two ends: User end and Administrator end. Any user who wants to buy laptops and mobiles site would register first, then he will have to login by entering his ID and Password to proceed. The user if wants to buy laptops and mobiles can visit the site and see the details on the Website.

Problem statement

The main problem was that if one wants to buy laptop or mobile , he first needs to visit  number

of shops and tell the shopkeeper whole details about their specifications or requirements,  the

shopkeeper then acts as intermediator and make the work done by charging their amount. This

whole process is very cumbersome task.

Through this Online Shopping System PHP project it is tried to Make this thing easy by selling buying and rent the property while sitting at their own places and getting the contacts of the brokers through the site and one can upload or see the site images on the website.


While developing this Online Shopping System website the main points which were kept in mind was:

  • The whole process will be working on two major modules one is USER-END and other is ADMINISTRATOR-END.

USER-END: – This module is for users where they register themselves and buy  laptops

or mobiles with the permission of the administrator. Here user can also check out for various models of laptops or mobiles.

ADMINISTRATOR-END: – This module is for administrator where all the users and registrations of purchase are managed and verified. Removal of the product if not available.

  • The main objective is to provide a better support to the client
  • It will provide notifications to all the respective users regarding the product which is posted.
  • It has vast area because it contains various products of different brands like Samsung, Acer, hp etc.
  • Anyone can post their feedback after the administrator’s permission.
  • The new user must get permission from the Administrator before using this website.


  1. Random Access Memory 128MB
  2. Keyboard 101Keys
  3. VDU 15 Inch Colored
  4. Processor Intel Core i3

Processing Environment Software Requirements.

  1. Operating System: – Windows 10
  2. Framework 3.5