Web Mart Online Shopping Paradise .Net Project


Web mart online shopping paradise is a project developed to allow business grow larger and faster. Users can view and order products online from anywhere and anytime. Web mart sell different type of new products and services.web mart online shopping paradise services users online quickly and comfortably. This project develops an e-commerce store for the users.

Existing System:

The existing system is a manual system this is not an automated system.

Risk of mismanagement of data. Less security. No proper coordination between different applications and users. Fewer users – friendly. Accuracy not guaranteed. Not in reach of distant users.

Proposed System:

The proposed system is a visual store on the internet where customer can browse the catalog and select the products of their interest. Customer can receive the order within time and high security will be provided. Billing address, shipping address , shipping options and payment details can be selected by the customer.



Customer can register to the site and get a unique username and password. Customer can place the order by providing the details of the items. Customer can check the status.


Admin gets login by valid username and password. Admin can view the request send by customers. Admin can add new products to the application. Admin can view all the details of the registered customer details. Admin can add, edit , update and delete the details of the products and sends the product to the customer.


The main purpose of the system is to enable customers to browse and order from any part of the world and hence increasing business scope.

Advanced Online Parking System .Net Project


Advanced online parking system is a project developed to provide an easy way in finding  the parking space for vehicles. This project helps users by analyzing the areas where parking is available and details about number of slots free in that area. Advanced online parking system enables users to book before four hours prior to his expected arrival, the user can pre-book a slot in the area he desires if it is available. This will help reduce the load on the administrator as his physical work reduces drastically and user can search the parking slot easily.

Existing System:

In the existing system the number of personal vehicles usage is increasing manifold. Finding a parking space in most metropolitan areas, especially during the rush hours, is difficult for drivers. No service provider are available, shopping mall and customer need to work as a unit to make the parking which takes a lot of  time in searching for a parking slot. It includes the man power and expensive devices that results in high cost for maintenance.

Proposed System:

The proposed provides Infrared (IR) sensor nodes senses the status of the car space and transfers the information to a controller. There by displays the information on a LED screen with which the user can check for empty vehicle slots, in turn reducing his time. User is provided with an interactive based user interface for the process of pre-booking of parking slot. User  requests the server for locations where parking is available and the server responds with slots availability.



Owner gets login by filling the registration form. Owner will get a unique username and password to enter into the site. Owner can send a request for providing slot. Owner can request slot by providing area details. Owner should provide the registration details of the vehicle.


Admin gets login by valid username and password. Admin can view the request send by car owners. Admin can provide lot for the car owners. Admin can view all the car registration details. Admin verifies the registration details and provide lot to the car owners.


Our project successfully reduces the parking problem in places of entertainment such as theatres and shopping malls. Our project helps in finding out the availability of a parking slot , get the availability confirmed, and reach the place within the time slot allotted. It helps the administration to allocate the vacant slot to the next person in queue. Our project saves the time of visitors in booking a parking slot.


Online E-learning System .Net Application


Online E-learning system is a web application. This is developed using asp.net, C#.Net & SQL Server to provide support to students who want to learn online. All the information like programs, courses and books are provided to the students in this application.

This application uses internet technologies to provide knowledge to the students about various topics. Only registered users can add, view or post any questions about books.This application provides efficiency and effectiveness in providing education to the students.This system makes easy communication between students and lectures by enabling the chat feature.

Existing System:

In the existing system, details are done through manual records. These records are entered in a manual process. This process takes a lot of time, separate workers need to maintain the databases. All the subject details are stored via separate databases. It will take a long time due to this process time waste, money waste. Difficult to maintain the fees and accounting reports of courses in a proper way.

Proposed System:

The proposed system provides a user-friendly interface. This system computerizes all the details of courses and materials. Large volumes of data can be stored with the case. Maintenance of file is flexible. Records stored are updated now and then. Stored data and procedures can be easily edited. Reports can be generated with the case. Accurate calculations are made. Less manpower requires.


Student Module:

A student can get registered and get the username and password.student can view all the details of the application. A student can view course details page and display books and images page.A student can add and view question regarding books.student can communicate with others in the chat application.

Admin Module:

Admin can login to the application with valid credentials.Admin will add new books, images and new courses to the application.Admin can view all the questions posted by students and he can add new questions to the application.


Our project online learning has successfully provided better and easy way for online education.Our project creates the best way to the student to communicate online regarding the subject.

Online Compiler Java Project


In the present scenario everything works online. This projects main objective is to provide an application for the educational institute where the faculty can post the questions and students can view and attempt the question any number of times by using compilers.
By using this application, Organization can conduct online practical examination.
Without the use of internet facility users can use this application.


1) The  project main aim is  we can easily write programs, compile and debug it using respective programming language online.
2) Students can mainly concentrate on the programming than the compiler tools.
3) This application can be made offline .

Existing System:
1) Users can find many online compilers used by private, public organizations and institutions
2) Few online compilers are C, C++, Java, .NET.

Proposed System:

1) The main objective  is to provide an application for the educational institute without the use of the internet.
2) Organizations conduct  online practical examinations.
3) Students can use this application to practice.
4) Some offline compilers that can be used in institutions, colleges are C, C++, java.

Software Requirements:

Operating system     :     Windows XP/7/8.
Coding Language     :    JAVA/J2EE
Tool                 :    Net beans 7.2.1
Database             :    MYSQL
Server Deployment  :     Tomcat  6.0/7.0


1) This application reduces the storage space and time.
2) Students can use this application to practice.
3) This application is user friendly.

RS Pressman-Software Engineering

Enhancement of GPREC Application

Introduction: Today many students are developing innovative apps. Here we are going to develop an mobile application which is similar to our present GPREC APP and we are going to enhance that present app by using the android technology. This mobile app will be very useful for each and every student and faculty in colleges.

1)Front End Development Tools :-

  1. Platform:-Android.
  2. Programming Language:-Java

2)Back End Development Tools:-

  1. Platform:-SQlite/MySQL.

About an GPREC Application:

GPREC Application is completely focused on students and college details.In the front page we are going to provide the link which shows the College Updates. On the main page there are four links:





In the About Us section contains the information about our college history . This contains the information about each and every branch faculty . In the Students Login gives the information about student profile which contains their Academic performance and their attendance .The Academic Performance will be updated for every internals and externals.In the Studies link by clicking on this link  we get all branches links.Each branch link contains their academic text books according to their academic year and also previous examination papers.In the Further Studies we are going to develop this  link by including the future plans of the students.

They are

1) Campus Recruitment


3) MBA

It provides the previous question papers and materials for GATE and MBA.practice papers, test papers and  Tutorials on each topic related to Mock Interviews.