Assignments and Materials Java Project


The main aim of developing this assignments and materials web-based java & MySQL application is to provide a simple way of educational communication between student and the faculty. Here Admin role is to just view and manage faculty and student information if anything goes wrong.

Both faculty and Student has to register themselves into the application and login with registered credentials, Where Faculty can upload the necessary material for the questions to be asked in the exam, where students can view the material which is uploaded by the particular teacher for their teaching subjects, Once the student reads the material and if he is ready for the exam.

The Faculty asks questions for a particular branch and section wise where student give an answer for the particular question and again Faculty verifies the answers and finally, Faculty provides marks for the given answers.

This is a simple way to provide materials and conduct an exam assignment online. With the help of this project, we can reduce the manual work, paperwork, and save time.

We have used Java, NetBeans7.4, JDK 1.7, MySQL 5.5, SQLYog, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS software technical requirements to develop these assignments and materials application.


  • Admin
  • Faculty
  • Student

UML Diagrams:

Class Diagram:

Activity Diagram:

Output Screens process details

  • Home Page
  • Admin login
  • Admin Home
  • View faculty
  • View student
  • Faculty registration
  • Faculty Login
  • Faculty Login
  • Faculty home
  • Faculty home
  • Upload questions
  • Upload Material
  • View Student Answers
  • Enter Marks
  • Student reg
  • Student Login
  • Student home
  • View Questions
  • Write Answers
  • View Materials
  • View Marks

Mobile Car Services Project Synopsis


  • Mobile Car Services is one of the features in the automobile industry that lets you find the right dealers from the application.
  • End Users & Dealers needs to register in the application and customers can schedule the car service at his own priority times.
  • The aim of the study is to propose a Web-Based Application to bring the dealers and customers on one platform with minimal cost.


  • It brings cleaning service at your doorsteps and also saves your energy.


  • The simple concept behind the Mobile Car Wash service is using idle parking time while owners leave their cars to carry out other activities, such as shopping, working, entertaining, studying, etc.

Software Requirements:

  • Windows 7 ,8,10,ubuntu
  • WAMP Server 2.1e / LAMP Server / XAMPP Server
  • Notepad++
  • Filezilla client


  • Public and private companies parking
  • Residential parking

Cost Management


  • Hosting: Rs.3000
  • Domain: Rs.1500 per annum.


  • The bill is generated only for the services acquired.

Work Breakdown Structure


The following modules are identified in the project:

  • Admin Module
  • Dealers Module
  • Booking Module

Admin Module:

  • The admin module is the most important module in the project.
  • It manages the information regarding the approval and disapproval of the dealers.
  • This module maintains the record regarding the bookings made by the customer, the total number of dealers and also it maintains a record for the pending requests of dealers.

Dealer Module:

  • This module is all about the dealers that are associated in the portal.

Dealers Module Data Flow Diagram:

Booking Module:

  • This is the module where all the information related to the customers such as the bookings, payments, etc. are maintained.
  • In this portal, even the customers have a login form which is mandatory when booking a service.

Booking Module DFD:

Sequence Diagram:

Method of solution  related to Problem

  • The solution we found is to develop a specific platform like a web portal which helps to enhance the bridge between service person and customer.
  • Previously, each company dealer has its own business platform, instead, we made a platform wherein it brings all the dealers to a single platform.


  • This portal is user-friendly.
  • Provides with the best services anywhere as per the customer requirement.
  • One platform where a customer will have to choose the dealer from a given list.

Database Connectivity:

It’s a cinch to connect to a database with MySQL.

  • Admin
  • Dealer
  • Booking

ER Diagram:


  • Working on this project Mobile Car Services, we come to the conclusion that such automation systems are quite beneficial and saving the time of operation.
  • It also reduces manpower.
  • Thereby increasing the economy of the system in the future, such kind of systems are increasing in demand.

Development of Institutional App using Android Studio

This project is aimed at developing an Android application for the institution. This is performed by using the Android studio. The main idea of this app is to overcome the time required to search for any information and also removes the delay in accessing any web page. It is more secure, portable, easily installed and used on any mobile phones supporting Android OS. Provides interface which is easy to understand by the users and greatly helps in adapting to the use of this application.

This Institutional App majorly consists of Student login, Parent login and updates from Training and Placement Officer. student login consists of student profile, notice board, events, request books. Parent login includes student profile, marks, and attendance. Training and Placement Officer is to manage the student information and also updates notifications regarding placements.


The main objective of developing this Institutional app is to support mobility and automation to the process of managing student information.


It is designed with respect to students and parents point of view

Existing System with Con’s

  • In the Existing System, all the information is either in hard file or website
  • Searching is too difficult
  • Not much secure
  • No login for parents

Proposed System with Pro’s

  • The proposed system is an android application
  • Easy to use
  • parents can view their wards academic details
  • secure
  • used for managing students details, marks, attendance, notifications, events.
  • Searching time will be less.


  • Administrator
  • Student
  • parent

Functional requirements:

  • Registration
  • Login
  • Reset password
  • Administration
  • Logout

Software Requirements

  • Application Architecture – J2ME
  • database Application: Google Firebase
  • Project Type: Mobile Application
  • Designing Tool – Android Studio
  • Operating System – Android


This android app is an application which contains information regarding students details like attendance, marks, events from Training and Placement officer TPO. Also students marks and attendance available for parents in the parent portal. This information can be accessible from anywhere and anytime using an android device.

Home Page

Registration Page

Login Page

App Menu Items

Student Login Page

This Project developed by using the android studio and firebase.

Innovative CSE Mini Projects Ideas

Computer Shop Management System:

Today’s scenario offers a computer to be a part of almost every enterprise private or public. Computer shop offers a variety of computers and accessories at these places. It has to maintain a big record of customer, accessories and available computer’s.

The aim of this project is to help in the tedious work of managing, maintaining and updating the database. It displays the computer shop database i.e. the items available and stock available in a computer shop. It updates the stock according to the changes made in supply. Details of the customer are also maintained along with all.

This project aims to complete all these tasks easily with some knowledge of NetBeans and MongoDB. User friendliness of the project gives easy instructions that how to operate it to perform your task. Basic security is provided to the project.

Shopping Mall Website System Project:

There is a project which name is Shopping Mall and the agile model is used in this project. This project is made in Eclipse using CRUD (create, update and read) and sending the mail from one to another client. The shopping mall images, JSP files, an XML file in the dynamic web project.

Pages included in the project are:

main, register, stores and dining, services, products, mall information, feedback, stores description, parking, promotions, job opportunity, and events.

Consultation and Development of System Project:

We develop a project online meeting management system for our College. This system will help in managing and organizing the various meetings. We can send an invitation, set reminders, prepare & send the agenda for the meeting and after that, it can send the minutes of meeting to participants and concerned person. This system can be used as a reliable source of accurate information. As well it maintains centralized storage of information and makes it available to any concerned person at any time.

Employee Time Manager Project:
Description: Employee Time Manager (ETM) is a web application tool used for tracking up to date working status of employees of an organization. After admin creates a unique account id in ETM with reference to employee id, the employee can log in to ETM to update his/her past and current hour working status. Once the employee updates his work status, HR or other management teams can generate different types of employment statistics through ETM. ETM gives employers insight into their workforce, allowing them to plan and manage their time and tasks.

Support Tickets System Project:

Language Used: Struts2 + Hibernate, MySQL.

Description:  This project helps the organization to maintain proper relationship and standardization of their product to consumers.  This project Deals with handling the queries and request of users about the products sold to them. Based on the query the ticket will be created and transferred to particular a department for processing and concerned person will provide proper information and service to the user.

Mobile Shop Management System Project:

Language Used: Java Swing, MySQL.

Description: This project maintains entire details of the mobile shop like sales, purchase, and others. This Makes easy inventory maintenance and provides properly required reports at the desired time. It is developed based on mobile shop owner requirements, so easy understanding of working flow even to a new operator is concentrated.

Online Bonafide Certificate Generation System Project

the main aim of this application is to create a user-friendly environment for students to get the certificate like bonafide online. In this page, the student can request for service by their login details.

This project is controlled by admin. Admin will accept the request of the students and provide the services accordingly. Once the student request on the page using their login details that request can only be approved by admin. The student and signature cannot be copied because the access permission is only given to only admin.

Existing System:

In the existing system, the student should manually fill the form, write the letter and wait for acceptance to complete the process. This manual process takes more time. there is a lot of paper needed and files to be transferred from one office to other.

Proposed System:

In the proposed system student can get the service by filling the form online and by mentioning the purpose. There is no wastage of paperwork. It reduces the burden of people who are involving in that process. Notifications are sent to their mobile (emails) after the approval of the request. Signature is added at the end of the document as an image