Wi-Fi Based Water Level Monitoring & Motor Pump Controller

This development is used to overcome the pressure of physical process of water pump motor control. The purpose can be divided in sensing unit and control unit. The sensing unit is a contactless ultrasonic sensor which can evaluate an obstacle up to 4 meters. In our case,

In our case, an obstacle for the sensor is water surface level. The ultrasonic digital sensor section is interfaced with the microcontroller. The control unit is the motor on/off the circuit.

Microcontroller used in this the project is ATMEGA328.The water level is monitored remotely using wi-fi communication with the android app. We are using ESP8266 module to transmit data to remote end. The water pump motor is connected through relay driver. The motor pump can be turned On / Off using android app.




1. ATMEGA328 Microcontroller
2. Ultrasonic sensor Module HC-SR04
3. Relay Driver
4. Water Motor Pump
5. ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module


Public Healthcare Management System Manual Testing

Project Title:  Public Healthcare Management System

Public Healthcare Management software is used mostly in hospitals, diagnosis, and pharmacy to automate the overall work structure and to eliminate the human intervention.


This Healthcare Management System Application has features providing information to physician, patients and pharmacists regarding medications to patients, inpatients, outpatients, patient appointments, prescriptions, diagnosis, pharmacy, billing, medicine details, physician details, employees which helps both doctor and Patient in an efficient manner by providing information about the availability of Doctors, maintaining Patient records according to their Visit and generating reports for Patients of their medications, Labs Findings, Problems List and serves the pharmacy maintenance also. 

Tester Roles  and Responsibilities:

  • Understanding the requirements specifications and Use Cases.
  • Involved in the execution of test cases for responsible modules.
  • Discovered bugs and reported them through Defect tracking tool.
  • Retested the fixes in the latest builds.
  • Analyzing test cases prepared by the other team members.
  • Communicating with other team’s members (Developers, Technical support, Business Analyst) in order to resolve the issues

Environment:  ASP, Visual Basic 6.0, and Oracle 8i

Testing Method:  Manual Testing

Tools Used:  Quality Center

Employee Expense Management System Synopsis

Employee Expense Management System


In today’s world, fast-growing companies like Google., with employees working for several clients in different location need a better online solution for managing employee expenses.

In addition, these companies also look solutions that are easy to use without compromising on efficiency. This web-based application allows employees located in different areas in the country to log in and file for their expenses with ease.

Here the employees can register for the reimburse expenses and the superior officers should check these. They should grant amount or they can reject by stating an appropriate reason. So takes less time and requires less labour manual work.

The personnel cost management system is a system that helps keep organizational details and dealings within the organization. This system stores a central database. All individual details and details of the worker will be provided through this Project.

An employee cost management structure is an automated system. This may be helpful for managers in any company. Personnel expenditure management system helps to categorize employee responsibilities.

This Expense Management project also allows the managers to concern certificates for any costs incurred by the employee. Staff cost management system – is an organization developed to cut transaction code. This scheme allows employees to organize their expenses.

All controllers in this system are accepted by the manager. This Expense Management system keeps track of costs for any retrieval. This system provides all the details and details of the staff. The main advantage of this project is that it generates Excel reports and PDF documents based on data in the database.

The main reason of this Expense Management system is to provide a quick and easy way to enhance the efficiency of database supervision and keep up employee details. Providing high level of security and reducing production time.

Softwares used to implement this Employee Expense Management System web application are below

  • Technologies: Java, JSP
  • Web server:  Tomcat Apache 6.0
  • Scripts:  Javascript
  • Database: Oracle
  • Database connectivity:  JDBC

Trip Travel Planning app

The Below Use cases for the Trip Travel Planning Android Application.

Registration Screen

Use Case: User Profile registration

Description:  This screen allows user to register with the App extracting the user’s  information from any social app (facebook/ twitter)

Preconditions: User has installed the application

Normal Flows:

1. The user enters a name, email id, and contacts no.
2. User clicks on Register button and wait for next action
3. If the user has got his/her profile in any social app, the app will extract the info from the site through OAuth Protocol and continue with creating the Login for the App.
4. If there is no profile of the user on any social site, the App will first register the user with providing name, contact number, email id and proceed to Login Page.

Post Conditions:

User clicks on the register button, which creates “NEW_USER_REGISTRATION” or “EXISTING_USER_REGISTRATION” using all the text fields on the current screen and sends it to app server using services.

Login Screen

Use Case: Login Screen

Description: This screen extracts the user‟s info from the social site ( if not, create one new login for the user)

Preconditions: User has installed the application

Normal Flows: This screen opens up when user open the app. It sends the transaction to app server; receive response and stores data in local SQL database.

Profile Screen

Use Case: Profile Screen

Description: Profile screen with Create New Trip and Manage Existing Trips buttons

Preconditions: 1. User has installed and logged in application

Normal Flows: 

1. User should be able to create trip using Create New Trip button with the Name of the trip, duration ( start and end date ) and location
2. User should be able to view already created trip in the news feed

Post Conditions: User navigated to appropriate screen based on button click

Create New Trip

Use Case: Create New Trip

Description: This screen allows user to create new Trip

Preconditions: 1. User has installed and logged in to the application

Normal Flows:

1. The user enters a Trip name.
2. Userentersks on Google calendar and selects the start date for the tour.
3. User clicks on Google Calendar and selects the end date for the tour.
4. The user selects the trip location and adds the location info into news feed using Google Maps Location.
5. Has a photo sharing button
6. Gives trip editing access to all buddies who are invited on the trip

Post Conditions:

1. User clicks on Save, which creates a new trip and sends it to the app server and it is stored in a database ( news feed ).
2. The user is then navigated to the home screen.


Use Case: Add Destinations

Description: This screen allows user to add trip destination suggestions in an existing trip event

Preconditions: 1. User has installed and logged in to the application

Normal Flows:

1. The user selects Trip places on manage trip activity.
2. User clicks on add location button.
3. He/she searches the destinations want to visit.
4. User selects destinations and click Done

Post Conditions: User clicks on Done which creates ArrayList of Trip places which is returned
to create New Trip activity

ADD Buddies

Use Case: Add Buddies

Description: This screen allows user to add friends in an existing trip event


1. The user has installed and logged in to the application.
2. The user is part of some trip.

Normal Flows:

1. The user selects one of the trips from the list of the trips on Manage trips screen.
2. The user then selects „Friends‟ tab from home screen of that trip.
3. The user will be able to see a list of existing buddies in the currently selected trip.
4. Add/Remove Buddy:
a. The user can then remove any of the buddies from the trip just by clicking delete image button against the name of that specific member.
b. User clicks on the Add a Buddy button, which populates contacts from contact list/ from friends list of the user‟s account on facebook/ twitter. The user can then select anyone from the contact list to add that person to the selected trip.

Post Conditions:

1. Buddy will be added or removed from trip and user will be navigated to trip home screen.
2. A notification will be sent to other group members about the member addition or deletion.

View Trips in the News Feed

Use Case: View trips

Description: View list of all those trips in which user is a member of it.


1. The user has installed the application and is part of some trip.
2. The user selects to go view trips from app home screen.

Normal Flows:

1. The user will be able to see a clickable list of trips he/she is a member of.
2. The user can click and select one of those trips to go to home page of the trip selected.
3. The user can also edit a trip, he/she is a part of.

Post Conditions: User is navigated to the selected trip‟s home page.

App Recommendations for Best Places

Use Case: Best Places in and around the trip location

Description: Service to view the best places and motels around the destination and to populate them on the map for that particular trip place. ( feasible in terms of time and cost )

Preconditions: 1. The user has installed the application and has fed the information for the destination of the trip.

Normal Flows:

The user will be able to populate the best places that he/she selects on the map.

1. The user selects the trip places tab from the tour home screen.

2. The user selects the destination location for which he/she wants to see the best places. The user has two choices:

View in the List:

1. The user gets a list of the best places/ motels nearby the destination.
2. The user then clicks on the place he/she wants to know the location on the map.
3. The place is then shown on the map.

View in Map:

1. Some of the best places are populated on the map of that destination and also best deals for the destination is also shown.

External Points: The place is embedded in the map to be shown.

Chatting/ Messenger Module

Use Case: Chatting/ Messenger Module

Description: Process to allow the trip buddies to communicate with each other and allows external friends view the minutes of the trip as existing members update the news feed.

Preconditions: The User should have installed the app and should have added the trip data as well as the members in the respective trip. The user should select the chat tab from the tour home screen.

Normal Flows:

1. When the user presses the chat tab from the home screen, he/she gets a screen where he/she can type the message.

2. When the user presses the send button, the message is sent to everyone involved in the group and is displayed on the screen.

Post Conditions: Notification will be sent to the group members about the message and minutes of the trip are sent by the user.

Cloud Sharing

Use Case: Cloud Sharing

Description: Service for sharing your images/videos/location with other trip members.


1. The user has installed the application and is part of some trip.
2. The user selects to go to cloud sharing screen from trip home.

Normal Flows:

At sender side:

1. The user selects Photos/videos/location to Share option on this screen.
2. The User then gets an option to mark multiple photos/videos in the custom gallery designed for the app.
3. Used marks some of the photos/videos from the gallery and selects ok to share them with other members of the tour.
4. The user can also choose the current trip location to be shared with other virtual buddies so that they can also join the trip if they want.

At receiver side:

1. The user selects Download Photos/videos option on this screen.
2. He/she can see the photos /videos getting downloaded and will then get a message saying Images/videos saved.

Post Conditions At sender side:

1. Images/videos/location selected get copied into Amazon‟s S3 bucket allocated for the app.


Use Case: Check List

Description: Users will be able to maintain their own checklist and a group checklist


1. User has installed the application
2. User creates a checklist (Individual/Shared)

Normal Flows:

User will be able to create a checklist using this module

1. The user selects the Checklist from managing existing trips home screen.
2. The user adds the item into (Private/Shared) checklist.
3. User can also add suggested friends for the current trip from their contact list
4. The user can assign the item to the specific trip member.
5. The user will add a new item or can delete the item from the checklist.

Post Conditions: Notification will be sent if the checklist is shared with the group members.

Estimate Employee Performance Project

Project Title: Estimate Employee Performance

Technology: Java

Duration: 3 Months

Team Size: 2

The complaints and suggestions module is a part of the web applications which is designed to present the overall description and to list the functionality of the module dealing with the web applications and availability of the information for the public access.

This Estimate Employee Performance document will also include an easily traceable means by which different users can trace each function’s (to which they are related) brief description to its full description.

This also includes a user interface specification where by the user can demonstrate interface format to be used in designing the system. Furthermore, considerations regarding non-functional requirements are addressed.

This Estimate Employee Performance document is intended for users of the system including designers, testers and implementation unit.

Desi Gallery Project:

A project work for developing Online Image Sharing to develop a web based application, which can be to share the albums with others over an Internet.

Desi Gallery is an online gallery, which provides an environment for managing albums. The user requests the administration for hosting his album online.

Defect Tracking System

The project titled ‘DEFECT TRACKING SYSTEM’ deals with the handling of issues that are posted by the customers.It involves various activities like issue handling, customer status, employee details etc …which  occur frequently in an organization which takes a lot of time.

By computerizing the daily activities a lot of time and labor are saved. It also reduces the number of mistakes that occur due to manual work. This system is implemented in Microsoft Visual Basic .Net as Front-end and Oracle 8i as Back-end.