Employee Motivation MBA Project Abstract


Employee Motivation is essentially about commitment to doing something.  In the context of a business, motivation can be said to be about “The will to work”.

Motivation is an internal drive that activates behavior and gives its direction. The word motivation is coined from the Latin word “movere”, which means to move. The term motivation theory is concerned with the process that describes why and how human behavior is activated and detected. It is regarded as one of the most important areas of the study in the field of organizational behavior.

The purpose of this Employee Motivation MBA Project study is to examine Motivation of employees. Every organization needs to have well motivation in employees to perform their work good in the organization when the employee feel good about their jobs, certain factors tend to consistently related to job satisfaction.

This MBA Project  theory provides an explanation of job satisfaction and the comfortableness of an employee in the organization. My study is to examine the various factors of motivation in employees with reference to Maslow’s need hierarchy, to know the level of motivation in employees of the company and to provide practical suggestions for the improvement of organization’s performance.

A questionnaire was designed which included questions regarding motivation in employees their satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Accordingly, 50 officers have been selected at random from all the departments of the organization and feedback forms (questionnaire) have been obtained. Through this analysis, interpretations were done accordingly.

Automatic Railway Gate Control ECE Project Abstract

Traffic is one of the major problems now a days. In the same way the crossing of railway gates is also a tedious job for normal people. They have to wait for a long time even before and after arrival and departure of the trains.

In rapidly flourishing country like India, accidents in the unmanned level crossings are increasing day by day. At present, in level crossings the railway gate is operated normally by a gate keeper after receiving the information about the train’s arrival.

Instead of waiting such a long time at the railway gates and to avoid accidents in level crossings a project is proposed that controls the gate automatically with out involvement of the railway level crossing gate keeper. It can also implemented in unmanned level crossings at remote areas.

The Automatic Railway Gate Control application part deals with the design the power supply section which converts 230V AC into 5V DC by using 7805 voltage regulator and selection of AT89S52 Controller for inbuilt ISP option.

The train arrival and departure  would sensed by 2 sensors. When ever the first sensor senses the train is near by means it sends a signal to preprogrammed micro controller which the railway gate is controlled by means of a dc motor.

Then the gate closes and opens when the second sensor senses the train departure. The Automatic Railway Gate Control Abstract deals in detail the circuit description along with the component description, required Software and Coding.

Analysis of Mutual Funds wrt Equity Funds MBA Project


The study focuses on different mutual fund schemes and how these schemes are influencing on the company profitability and Turnover.

The main motive of this Analysis of Mutual Funds wrt Equity Funds project is to analyze how these schemes are effecting on the profitability and how the NAV is effecting compare to stock market index points, Whether these funds are providing benefit to the investors and firm or not.

Next objective is to get exposure to the company i.e. how the things are actually happen in the industry, correlation between what we study in the books to reality, how the investments trading is going in the market. For this purpose the study was undertaken, which require getting into company directly and observing each component of it.

The data is collected from both primary and secondary sources. Primary data is collected from the officials of the STOCK BROCKING COMPANY through personal contact with questionnaire. The secondary data is collected from respective web sites of the company, AMFI, the relevant books and company broachers.

From the collected information I have analyzed the data and prepared the tabulation, used the tool of percentages method and charts were enclosed in the data analysis.

Agriculture Updates Android Project


Our Agriculture Updates project discuss everything about providing the SMS updates on various agriculture products as per the user requirements on his GSM or GPRS mobile phone.

The updates may vary from pricing, availability, stocks and need of various products on the market. Basically this will be expected to be helpful for farmers around the state . Since it works everywhere with the mobile signal it does not require internet.

We are also providing pricing details to the customers. This Agriculture Updates app is mainly concerned about the specific group of customers which is farmers. It updates status on various products as per the user choice on daily or weekly basis.


1. Providing price details and availability of stocks, need of various products to the customer.
2. When the data base is updated then the status of the various products are sent to the farmers daily and weekly.
3. By using this application the product details and also stock and price details are sent to the customers through the sms and by the notifications.
4. Providing authentication to the customers.

Control Of Reduced Rating Dynamic Voltage Restorer with a Battery Energy Storage System

Description : This Control Of Reduced Rating Dynamic Voltage Restorer with a Battery Energy Storage System project deals with the Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) using reduced rating of voltage source Converter. Voltage sag is crucial power quality problem faced by the utility industry which has resulted in increased attention.

The DVR is a series power quality conditioning device used to eliminate the voltage disturbance. The DVR compensates the voltage disturbance by injecting the voltage of suitable magnitude and phase in series with the line.

DVR is transmission line using the actual line model. This EEE Control Of Reduced Rating DVR with a Battery Energy Storage System project describes the problem of voltage sag and swells and its severe impact on nonlinear loads or sensitive loads.

The DVR has becomes popular as a cost effective solutions. For the protection of sensitive loads from voltage sag and swell.

Educational Information Management System


  • Educational Portal for students, parents, teachers and institutes to communicate in a complete knowledge based interactive environment.
  • Important for students to know individual strengths and weaknesses through self assessment.
  • Induces change in existing contents and methods of learning processes.
  • Includes wireless features for anytime, anywhere communication.

Admin Module:

  • Login Authentication.
  • Add, Modify and Delete courses, batches and branches.
  • Monitor attendance, various results and general performance.
  • Manage information about the institute.
  • Archive news, frequently asked questions.
  • Maintain payment details of students.

User Module:

  • Username/ Password Authentication.
  • Access to latest news & frequently asked questions, student queries.
  • Check individual/group results as General, University & Internal exams.
  • Fee Payment details.

SMS & Education:

Segregated into two categories:-

  • Student/Parent Related Transactions
  • Automatic Alerts

Key Features :-

Student/Parent Related Transactions

  • Exam Results
  • Exam Time table
  • Fees monitoring
  • Quiz/contests/polls
  • Search facility
  • Other Student/parent Related Transactions and Queries

Automatic Alerts:

  • Admission Notification
  • Fees paid status
  • Announcements
  • Enquirers/Suggestions
  • Reports
  • Automated Results

Technologies used

This system uses J2EE, the most suitable technology for the systems of this type. For its flexibility & scalability that it provides.

The system demonstrates the following technologies of the J2EE platform :

a) Servlets
b) JSP
c) JavaBeans
e) JDBC Drivers
f) Java SMS API (third party tool)
g) MS Assess

This system uses a back end RDBMS database to store it’s data.

Synopsis for Mobile Ticketing Portal Project

Synopsis: This Mobile Ticketing Portal document covers the overview of one such application – Mobile Ticketing that will be the killer app for this very promising platform.

Mobile Ticketing exclusively developed for PVR Cinemas is a utility for its mobile phone users to book tickets.  Also, it gives an opportunity for the PVR Administration staff to update movie information using a web-client which can be accessible only by authorized persons.

Archetypical view of this Mobile Ticketing Portal project can be classified into three components with MySQL as the backend.  Namely:

  1. J2ME Client
  2. Web-client (JSP / Servlets)
  3. Server side (JSP / Servlets)

Component Features:

J2ME Client

  1. Update Weekly Movie Schedules – User on his mobile phone clicks the update button to get the next week’s movie schedules and automatically it will be stored in the RMS.
  2. Book Tickets – User can book movie tickets from this feature by the details already available on his mobile through the update option.
  3. History – A log of the previous bookings done by the user will be stored on his mobile and which can be viewed by this tool.
  4. Movie Reviews – User can check out Movie reviews by connecting to the server.
  5. F.A.Q – A user manual is kept stored in the mobile phone as online help.


  1. Login – Administrator mode login is available
  2. Add New Film to the list
  3. Add Cinema Info
  4. Add Language Info
  5. Schedule Film Date, Timings and Ticket Availability Status

Server-side Component 

Along with the request processing being done bye the server for its clients, Server will send an SMS as acknowledgement after booking tickets with ticket numbers reserved for the number of tickets booked. 

Hardware Requirements:

  1. Mobile Phone with GPRS enabled
  2. Pentium II or above with at least 2.0GB Hard disk

Software Requirements:

  1. J2SE
  2. J2ME wireless toolkit
  3. Tomcat
  4. MySQL

Future Enhancements: 

  1. Concentrate on other theaters too.
  2. Movie Reviews with a trailer being played out as an audio or video file.
  3. Download Ring tones and Wallpapers.

Digital Ambulance Android Project

Today there are many GIS based system being developed for routing of ambulance using GPS and other real-time technologies.

These systems are useful and play a major role in solving the routing problem.But now roads are so congested that is difficult for the Ambulance drivers to travel and reach the accident.

As the ambulance requests to the hospital,Hospital process the request and sends query to the Ambulance Management System about the ambulances in given Zone then Ambulance Management System sends response to the hospital regarding the availability of ambulances.

If ambulances are available,ambulance with lowest no of trips is selected else request is forwarded to next hospital.

The main objective of this is to build a GIS based prototype for the ambulance management when an accident occurs on road networks.

This Ambulance is used for solving the routing and accident location probelms during normal & peak hours.

.Net based ERP Application

ERP application is different from Risk management. The risk is domain while ERP is model. Risks are imminent in any models (ERP, CRM etc).  An ERP is a combination of HR, Accounting, and Payroll, Customer Relationship Management, Inventory Management etc. The SAP is one of the ERP application platform providers.

Here, we shall concentrate on building a prototype ERP application (web-based), say a company portal managing the HR systems.

HR activities include onboarding of new recruits, exits of existing resources, incentive decision making, generic approvals/rejections etc.

The same can be shared with your team as a prototype of an ERP. Considering the time constraint of 8 days, HR portal is something which we can come up with.

The SQL server (backend scripts) would be provided along with front-end asp.net based application – the source code.

Please Note: If you have to demonstrate the system to others, the system must be equipped with below requirements :

Please note, the documentation work for

  • Visual Studio 2010 or higher should have been installed.
  • SQL Server management studio 2008 or higher.
  • .Net framework 4.0 or above.

Modules Included in this Project are below:


  • crm.aspx
  • EffortCalc.aspx
  • EmpPerform.aspx
  • HRM.aspx
  • Inbox.aspx
  • Login.aspx
  • manufature.aspx
  • ModuleAllot.aspx
  • NewProject.aspx
  • ProjectModule.aspx
  • Projectprogression.aspx
  • Registration.aspx
  • TeamDetails.aspx
  • TurnOver.aspx
  • VWReport.aspx

Team Leader

  • BenchMark.aspx
  • EmpPerformance.aspx
  • Inbox.aspx
  • TLHome.aspx
  • ViewWork.aspx

Team Member

  • Inbox.aspx
  • LeaveRequest.aspx
  • TMHome.aspx
  • UWProgress.aspx

Project Leader

  • Inbox.aspx
  • LeaveRequest.aspx
  • PLHome.aspx
  • ProjectAssigned.aspx
  • View.aspx
  • WorkReport.aspx

Download The Web based ERP Application using .Net Technology.

Letsgo Event Management and Booking App

Letsgo is an event management and booking app where artists get to submit their events details along with the type of event and location and users(audience) can select events according to their location and choice and have an option to book the same. SQLite should be used for the back-end database.

LETSGO is primarily for connecting consumers with entertainment, movie screenings and local events such as theatre, musical performances, etc. Users can rely on this to find out what’s happening and decide what to do; from movies, concerts and sports to family fun and nightlife.

With many of local events to choose from, LETSGO provides an extremely comprehensive selection of local entertainment content and serves its users by delivering highly personalized content and recommendations according to their choice.

Activity Diagram:


Eventful powers the mobile ecosystem for local events with an open platform that enables partners and web applications to leverage LETSGOs data, features and functionality via the LETSGOs API.
This is needed to provide an interface between users and local performers so that they get a platform to showcase their talent. LETSGOs unique, social media platform will empower fans to influence the content and the location of entertainment and live events.


  • The user has to sign up and will provide with an ID. This completes the registration.
  • The user has an option to choose the locality and the type of event he/she wishes to attend.
  • The user accesses the event page, searches for an event of his choice
  • The user gets all the details about the event which he selects including the venue, price and a brief description if available.
  • The user then has to make the payment.
  • The user gets a confirmation.
  • The user, If an artist has to fill out a form containing fields which describe the event and provide the necessary details.
  • Admin can add, update and delete events.
  • Users get to log out from the app.


  • Performance requirement- The system needs to be reliable and should display an appropriate error message if the process is not completed.
  • Safety requirements- The details need to be maintained properly, users must be authenticated and the database updated.
  • Security requirements- Only after entering the correct id and password can the user log in.
  • Availability- Should be available to all users
  • Recoverability – Should recover in case of any failure.
  • Reliability- Any update should not tamper with existing data.


The main idea of this application is used to maintain Event information and organize the event. The tools constitute Android SDK development, Java Jed, Eclipse in mobile applications which will be displayed when an authorized person uses the software and developed on Linux environment which is platform dependent in mobility application.

ER Diagram

Sequence Diagram: