Online Voting System with Aadhaar ID and Thumb of a Voter

The main aim of developing this Online Voting System project is to provide the best way of conducting the election voting process. With the help of this, we can control revoting, rigging process and save money.

The online voting system is a revolutionary concept of casting votes with a unique id viz Aadhaar ID and Thumb of a Voter. The election Commission will collect the alive voter data before specific period before elections, the data like voters UAID number and their Thumb impression are collected and uploaded into a secure Database, then at the time of polling day the voter is able to cast his/her vote by their UAID and Thumb.

Then he will get his details to cast his vote. Once the vote is casted the voter data will be moved to the Database 2. Then there is no possibility of casting multiple votes. This will control the Rigging and fake votes.

This system of Voting will give a big analytical data like casting percentage and the election result immediately after the completion of polling. The result of polled votes will be stored securely in Database 2 and is locked until the day of results.

The algorithm applied to Database 2 will hold the voting result until the date. The result can be seen only on the specific counting day by using a (Private Key) password by the Election department authorities.

This is the best way to control the fake voting and rigging during the elections. This project can be developed.

Simple Android Application Project Ideas

1) Nowadays the fruits which are coming to the market are full of chemicals using AI we have to scan the fruits how much chemical content is used if more than limit it will give an acknowledgment.

2) In class, there will be some students who will come to class at morning and they will not attend to next classes so we will track them by using their GPS tracker and if the students are not present the message will send to hod through the internet.

3) The project is aimed to develop an android application by which the users can send the information/alerts about a particular location to the people so that the people who are planning to go to that location can avoid to visit it for some time and it also sends alerts to people nearby that the particular location is affected.

4) Smart device tracking system using Arduino UNO and gsm module to protect the device from theft and send an alert message to the alternate mobile number provided by the user.

5) Create an android application or a Web Page (which one is easy u can do it no problem). You may include these names as the references example 1) The Hindu. 2) The Indian Express. Put the option to watch Videos and chat (optional you can include the icon if it is easy u can do it). Finally, you can do whatever you want to look good!! but please follow the Indian news(You can google it in online some of the web news applications or web pages)

6) Attendance Manager APP

Title of the project:-  Attendance Manager

Platform Utilized:-  Android Studio

Problem Statement:-  In the present system, attendance calculation is done using the Excel sheet which consumes time.

Proposed Statement:-  Our proposed system is to make ensure that the calculation of attendance, reports generation on monthly, cumulative and semester wise attendance can be automated which becomes helpful to the college administration and makes the work easier and simpler.

Besides this, we also generate reports on the students who are having greater than 75% attendance, 65% – <75% and <65% every month so that any student’s attendance can be easily checked.

Module Details:-   Login Screen, Home Screen(import excel sheet, posting of attendance, report generation)

Dance Studio Web Project Synopsis


This project Dance Studio is an online website which provides a platform for all age groups to learn and excel in the most amazing and loved field called Dance. It has various famous choreographers available to train the candidates.

It also provides a safe and fun environment that allows every individual in developing skills. Here candidates are given opportunities to take part in various competitions in the studio.

It has some features like:

  • Candidates can register online for their desired dance forms.
  • It has two types of service which are at the studio and at home.
  • There is a limited number of registrations are done under each choreographer.
  • This studio also gives rewards and appreciation for all the winners and also provides a costume for all the candidates.
  • It displays calendar blocked (if two or more candidates register for the same choreographer, at the same time for different locations).

The registered candidates will receive confirmation SMS with required details of choreographer on the registered mobile number but the registration gets canceled if the candidate fails to submit the form within 30 minutes.

Hence, valuable suggestions and comments of all candidates are solicited. The feedback will certainly help us in further improving the studio in the future.

Software Requirements : JAVA, MYSQL, HTML

Bhavans help desk Web Project Synopsis


The project titled ‘bhavans help desk’ is an HTML/python web application developed on windows operating system. Firebase is used for storing and retrieving the data.

In reputed and widely spread colleges and campuses like ours, the complaints of students will only reach up to the level of class in charges and passing it from in charges to principal might take a long time for the complaint to reach the principal and getting solved. Also, in case if an ID card or marks memo is lost, the student especially freshers might face difficulty in contacting the respective faculty or staff. And also, in reputed colleges like ours, the suggestions for the betterment of services may not directly be received from the student.

This concept is computerized to increase the efficiency of the complaint solving mechanism, accepting the suggestions from the students and also providing help for them in getting their new ID cards and lost memos. This application maintains the privacy of the user info i.e., the name of the user who generates the complaint is made unknown, so the user may feel free to express his views and opinions.  But the user must prove the complaint generated is genuine by gathering the support of his/her classmates in the form of likes.

This application contains modules like

  • Complaint box
  • Suggestion box
  • FAQ’s

Hour-Wise Lecturer Tracking Web Project Synopsis

The project titled “hour-wise-lecturer Tracking” is an HTML/Python web application developed on windows operating system.

On bigger colleges and campus like Bhavan’s Vivekananda college. It becomes a difficult task to locate any lecturer as to where and in which room he/she might be in. Also, if there is any change in the regular classrooms of that particular class, there is no way information is given or updated to the students (both from the current class or other students). And also in case if a lecturer wants to know if there are any empty classrooms available for that particular hour, he/she have to send a student to look out for which in turn results in a waste of time.

Rather, we are trying to propose a system through which it would be easy to know the location of a lecturer by other students or faculty and also to find out the availability of empty classrooms. This system also helps the lecturers share hyperlinks of their respective class notes with the students in the form of pdf’s or documents.

This application contains various modules such as

  • Trackers: this module deals with finding the location of the lecturer, as to where and in which room he/she might be in.
  • Notes: this module deals with the hyperlinks of respective class notes generated by the lecturer.
  • Available classrooms: this module deals with the availability of empty classrooms for that particular hour.

UML Diagrams:

Faculty Use Case Diagram:

Student Use Case Diagram:

HoD Use Case Diagram:

Activity Diagram:

Output Screen Results details:

  • Home Page:
  • Faculty Registration Page:
  • Faculty login Page:
  • Faculty Home Page:
  • Update Profile page:
  • Availability :
  • Class Room Availability:
  • Upload Time Table:
  • view Feedback:
  • Send a reply:
  • Send notifications:
  • Student Registration:
  • Student Login Page:
  • Student home:
  • View time table:
  • View faculty availability:
  • Feedback page:
  • View Notification Page:
  • Hod login Page:
  • Upload classroom Page: