Color Detection and Sorting using IOT

In this Color Detection and Sorting using IOT based project we are using Raspberry Pi, pi 3 camera and arduino.

When we keep red color in front of the camera, It can detect red color and displays on the monitor and moves the object one side . Just like that If you keep Blue color in front of the camera it detects and moves to another side.

The main theme behind the project is in industries if we need to separate items/objects based on the color we can use this algorithm to separate blue items in one box and red items in another box

Traffic Signal for Emergency Vehicles & VIP Vehicles

This is Traffic Signal for Emergency Vehicles & VIP Vehicles IOT Project.

In this project, we are using Raspberry Pi with connected traffic lights surround the box this will be placed in a three-way Junction

This is the 3 way Junction, whenever the emergency vehicle comes we have 2 tags, incoming tag and outgoing tag, When incoming tag senses wherever the signal is the signal transition will be happening to the box and green light will on.

When green will stop is that means the vehicle is moved away.

Traffic Signal for Emergency Vehicles & VIP Vehicles IOT Project.

In this project we are using RFID Tag, this is used to sense the RFID tag, whenever the ambulance sees the RFID tag, and this will give serial data to NodeMCU.

NodeMCU send data over MQTT protocol to Raspberry pi saying that Switch on the green light on the particular root till it senses another tag.

Check the below project output video, this is how emergency alerting is happening in the traffic signal.

Online E-Waste Management System Project

Need to develop an online e-waste management system in Java language.
online e-waste management should be done at the panchayat level.
Admin should be the panchayath and should be able to monitor the staffs and customer and send emails to them for communications.

the main functionalities that need to include is below


  • Admin
  • updating of products
  • payment list
  • view daily and weekly reports
  • add/remove products
  • login/register
  • attendance
  • send emails
  • customer
  • product selection
  • buy/sell products
  • payment
  • login/register
  • feedback
  • collection agents
  • collection
  • receive products
  • connection to the recycling company

e-waste management system

The e-waste management system is to be done in a panchayat or a residence association. A member of the panchayat/residence association will be the admin. Admin should be able to view the attendance of the staff, maintain the payment list of both customer and staff. The member of the panchayath/residence association will be the customer. The persons who view and purchase products will be consumers. The people who collect waste according to admin’s instruction will be the collection agents/staff/employee. Functionalities of each user are described below


  • login/logout
  • view products uploaded by the customer
  • add/remove products
  • upload products
  • view weekly/daily reports
  • maintain the allocation of staff
  • view the attendance of staff
  • payment list of staff
  • payment list of customer
  • add/remove customer
  • add/remove staffs
  • send messages to staff about the e-waste and location
  • informs the date on which staff come to collect waste
  • informs the customer when the date is preponed or postponed
  • view feedback
  • approval of products uploaded by the customer
  • verification(if both customer and staff send confirmation message)


  • login/logout
  • registration
  • view products
  • purchase products
  • view description of products


  • login/logout
  • mark attendance
  • view messages from admin about the e-waste and location
  • receive products
  • send confirmation message
  • send messages to admin if there is any inconvenience


  • login/logout
  • Registration
  • upload products
  • Sell products
  • Send confirmation message to admin
  • remove products
  • receive the date as a message from admin about the day on which staff
  • come to collect e-waste
  • send message to an admin if there is any inconvenience
  • upload description about the product
  • send feedback to admin

Diet System Using Raspberry Pi


  • The main aim of this project is to implement a diet system using Raspberry Pi.
  • A number keypad is also interfaced with the module in order to add details of either family members or friends.
  • This project ensures that each individual has a healthy balanced diet.


  • The ultimate goal of this project is to create a computerized system that will assist patients to make up a personalized diet plan that allows them to enjoy a broader range of meals, and also to quickly and accurately make up shopping lists for the meals.
  • The system is implemented with a weight sensor to measure the weight of the fruit or vegetable.
  • The camera captures the food item.
  • The weight details along with pictures are sent to the Raspberry Pi module and calculated with the inbuilt diet chart.
  • The LCD displays the calorie intake details of the particular food item.
  • Along with each individual person, family members or friends details can also be interfaced and maintain the track of calorie intake.

Solar based Robot for Garden Grass Cutting and Watering Plants

The main aim of developing this Solar based Robot for garden grass cutting and watering Plants IoT project is to provide an easy way of cutting grass and watering methods to the formers without much manual interaction.

This is the solar powered grass cutting robot and water Sprinkler which includes Aurdino Board, Bluetooth, Two channel Relay module, and moto drivers and Solar panel, Cutter Blade.

Solar Panel used to charge the battery in the Day time and we have a water sprinkler which is used for pesticide sprinkler.

We have an android app where we are controlling the android app has Forward, Backword, left, Right, Cutter Blade on and Off, Water Sprinkler On and Off options.

Existing System:

There are lots of labor charge needed for a simple grass cutting work for present existing machines.
The electric and labor charge both costs give a heavy expense. The human body depends on the atmosphere and weather conditions.
The existing models are not capable to adjust the cutting blade.
They do only just cutting the grass only.

Proposed System:

We are developing a multi-tasking robot which can trim the grass with height adjustment and can water the plants in the garden.
The Robot is can also be used for surveillance.
This robot is controlled wireless with an RF remote.
This is power with solar energy.

Let us see the working condition of the project below.

This robot keeps going forward and backward to cut the grass.

Block Diagram of The project:


  • Arduino Uno.
  • DC Motors robot movements.
  • BLDC motor for grass cutting.
  • TSOP sensors for detecting obstacles.
  • Water sprinkler for water plants.
  • 12V Battery.


  • Cutting the Grass in following areas colleges.
  • Public Gardens.
  • Houses.
  • Parks etc.