Asp.Net Projects Linux

List of projects linux:

  This category consists of projects in linux. Linux is best place for implementing final year projects because of it security features and open source software. Here you can download other linux projects which are not developed in platform.  And there are many projects which are implemented in windows which can be downloaded for free.

                  You can submit linux projects using at info.1000projects{at}  

Links to download projects:

  1.  Education Loan Management System Project with Source Code
  2. Shopping Cart project in ASP.Net with Source code
  3. On wireless scheduling algorithms for minimizing the queue overflow probability
  4. Student Management System Project Report
  5. Online Job Board .Net Project
  6. Vehicle Service Management System
  7. Immense Cartel System
  8. School student’s management system project source code
  9. Reminder system project source code
  10. Real estate web portal project source code
download more non linux projects for free of cost.

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