Asp.Net Project Abstracts

List of project abstracts:

   This category consists of project abstracts which can be downloaded for free. Most of the projects zip files or download files consists of package of abstract, project report, Screen shots, source code and paper presentation. 

                        Students who are interested in submitting project abstracts or source code you can send them to info.1000projects{at}

Here are list of few projects with abstracts:

  1. project on Efficient resource allocation for wireless multicast project and abstract
  2. project on  A Distributed and Scalable Routing Table Manager for the Next Generation of IP Routers project and abstract
  3. project on  Efficient 2-D Grayscale Morphological Transformations with Arbitrary Flat Structuring Elements project
  4. project on  Efficient Routing in Intermittently Connected Mobile Networks the Multiple Copy Case project and abstract
  5. project on  Distributed metadata management for large cluster based storage systems project and abstract
  6. project on  Bandwidth Efficient Video Multicasting in Multiracial Muilticellular Wireless Networks project source code
  7. project on  Dual link failure resiliency through backup link mutual exclusion project source code and abstract
  8. project on  Online index recommendations for high dimensional database using query workloads project source code
  9. project on  Protection of database security via collaborative inference detection project source code and abstract
  10. project on  Two Techniques for Fast Computation of Constrained Shortest Paths project source code and abstract
download to find more Asp.Net project abstracts, project reports and source code.

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  1. can we do secure backup project ( in offline?????
    and how many form designs are there in secure back up project…..
    plz mail me immediately……

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