Android B.E CSE Full Seminar Report

Introduction to Android Seminar Topic:

This paper discussed about the most post mobile operating system, Android. Android is software which acts as an operating system, middleware and provides key application for mobile devices. Android’s mobile operating system developed based on the Linux Kernel using middleware libraries. Android’s includes Java-compatible libraries based on Apache Harmony and the API’s are written in C. 


Android consists of 250,000 apps, which are developed by large community of developers. Developers of Android writes managed code in a java-like language which in turn utilizes Google-developed Java libraries. Android code has been released by Google under an open source license, Apache license. Official website of android is Whenever an Android gets updates with new features then new versions are released with certain code names in an alphabetical order. Ice cream sandwich is the code name for upcoming Android version.

Dalvik virtual machine is a low-memory based virtual machine which helps Android to run on embedded systems by consuming low power. Android is integrated with a small RDMS, SQLite.  All Android applications use SQLite as a powerful relational database engine to store all definitions, tables and data. A modern web browser engine, LibWebCore is available in Android. 

Opera Mini is an android application which acts as its default web browser. Few of the popular applications of Android are phonebook, Opera Mini, Cooking capsules, Picsay, Livechat, Searchify, AnDrawing and Mario soundboard.  Android mobile phone platform overcomes many security issues and proved as more secure platform than the competitive mobile operating systems.  In Android, many solutions are provided for security attacks by Google.  AVG, Lookout security, Dr.Web, ESET, NetQin are the top most five antivirus apps for Android.


Android is an open and free source mobile device platform.  Android is capable to support all advanced media features. Android OS is referred as Software stack. Android environment is a free developed platform based on Linux, open source. Android provides high quality sound and graphics.  As per business strategies, because of all these features Android will give a tough competition to other products in mobile marketing world.

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