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 List of 2011 CSE projects:

This category consists of 2011CSE projects titles and you can free download 2011 base paper and project report and abstract. We had provided project execution demo video for every projects 2011 for cse and you can buy this projects through this site with a discount price. 

In this list you can find 2011 cse java project with abstract and visual c#.net projects with abstracts.

  1.   Secure Multi signature generation for group communication project source code
  2. Efficient class oriented evaluation of multiclass performance models project source code
  3. Active Source Routing Protocol For Mobile Networks project source code and project report
  4. Congestion Control Using NETWORK BASED PROTOCOL project source code and project report
  5.   Data Transmission Using Multi-Tasking-Socket project source code and project report
  6.   Effective Transmission of Data through RBPH for Group Communication Project source code with project report
  7.   Routing simulator project source code and project report
  8.   Net survey simulation system project report with java source code
  9. Dynamic load balancing in distributed systems in the presence of delays project source code
  10. Image enhancement technology project report and java source code
  11.  Graphical user interface ART project source code and project report
  12. A distributed cycle minimization protocol for peer to peer networks project source code
  13. A Scalable Method of Cryptography Key Management for Mission-Critical Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks project source code
  14. Improving search performance using UIM model in P2P networks project source code
  15.   Tracking tool for enterprise resource planning project source code
  16. Movie making tool for high resolution project source code
  17. Exact knowledge hiding through database extension project source code
  18. Knowledge mining process between various groups project source code
  19. Long term cross session relevance feedback using virtual features project source code
  20. Bridging domains using worldwide knowledge for transfer learning project source code
  21.  Histogram based global load balancing in structured peer to peer systems project source code
  22. IP fast reroute framework project source code
  23. Filtering unwanted packets on ATM Network project source code
  24. Trustworthy Computing under Resource Constraints with the down Policy Project Work with code
  25. Orthogonal Data Embedding for Binary Images in Morphological Transform Domain-A High-Capacity App Project Work with code
  26. Dual-Link Failure Resiliency through Backup Link Mutual Exclusion Java Project Work with code
  27. Remote approach for effective task executing and data accessing tool project source code
  28. Domain name service system with secured manner project source code
  29. Spread Node Relocation by effective tolerant Process project source code and project report
  30. An Adaptive Programming Model For Fault-Tolerant Distributed Computing project source code
  31. Java program invention with user integrated developed environment project source code
  32. Remote system access by using virtual network computing project source code
  33. Network load balancing java project source and project report
  34. Congestion minimization in network java project source code and project report
  35. Design a guard system for Sybil attack java project source code and project report
  36. Minimizing file download time in stochastic peer to peer network project source code
  37. Project Tracking System Project with ASP.Net Source code
  38. Effective personalized privacy preservation system project source code
  39. Network capacity adaptation in service overlay network objective project source code
  40. Using aggregation profiling in large scale resource discovery project source code
  41. Weighted Association Rule Mining Clustering and in Non-Binary Search Space
  42. Rate Allocation & Network Lifetime Problem for Wireless Sensor Networks .Net Project with Source code
  43. HBA Distributed Metadata Management for Large Cluster-Based Storage Systems .Net Project with Source code
  44. Estimation of Defects Based on Defect Decay Model ED3M .Net Project with Source code
  45. Security in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks an Improvement to MAODV Project
  46. Truth Discovery with multiple Conflicting Information Providers on web Java Project with Source code
  47. Consistent Object Sharing for Edge Services Java Project with Source code
  48. Content Management System .Net Project with Source code
  49. Random Cast an Energy-Efficient Communication Scheme for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks .Net Project with Source code
  50. Efficient Retrieval of Files From Cluster Based Web Servers project source code
  51. Emall project source code
  52. Content-Based Search and Retrieval of Files in peer to peer Networks Project source code
  53. Query processing in peer to peer network project source code
  54. Student information maintenance system project source code
  55. Three party authentication using quantum key distribution protocols project source code
  56. Corporate Recruitment System J2EE Project with Source Code
  57. Client Provisioning J2EE Project with Source Code
  58. Netpod .Net Project with Source Code
  59. Factory Statistics .Net Project with Source Code
  60. Work Flow Management System .Net Project with Source Code
  61. Online Trading System .Net Project with Source Code
  62. Defect Tracking System .Net Project with Source Code
  63. Education Loan Management System Project with Source Code
  64. Electronic Land Information Management System
  65. On wireless scheduling algorithms for minimizing the queue overflow probability
  66. Mesh Based Multicast Routing In MANET: Stable Link Based Approach
  67. A Hybrid Phish Detection Approach by Identity Discovery Project
  68. Collaborative Knowledge Management Based Information System
  69. Online Crime Report .Net project with Source Code
  70.   Distributed Channel Management System .Net Project with Source Code
  71. Minimizing File Downloading Time In Peer To Peer Networks Source code
  72. A Concurrency Control Protocol for Clipping Indexing project
  73. An Interpolated Phase Adjustment by Contrast Enhancement Algorithm for SAR matlab Project
  74. An Improved Image Compression Algorithm Using Binary Space Partition Scheme and Geometric Wavelets matlab Project
  75. A New Supervised Method for Blood Vessel Segmentation in Retinal Images and Moment Invariants-Based Features mat lab Project
  76. A Hybrid Approach to Detect and Localize Texts in Natural Scene Images mat lab Project
  77. Service-Centric Framework for a Digital Government Application Project
  78. Privacy Preserving Multi-keyword Ranked Search over Encrypted Cloud Data Project
  79. Locating Equivalent Servants over P2P Networks Project
  80. Managing multidimensional historical aggregate data in unstructured p2p networks project abstract
  81. Learning Semi-Riemannian Metrics for Semisupervised Feature Extraction Project
  82. Going Back and Forth Efficient Multideployment and Multisnapshotting on Clouds Project
  83. Dynamic Audit Services for Integrity Verification of Outsourced Storages in Clouds
  84. Record Matching over Query Results from multiple web databases project documentation
  85. Cloud Computing for Agent-Based Urban Transportation Systems Project
  86. Authentication Schemes for Session Passwords using Color and Images Project
  87. A Query Formulation Language for the data web
  88. A Foundation for Stochastic Bandwidth Estimation of Networks with Random Service
  89. Provisioning of Deadline-Driven Requests with Flexible Transmission Rates in WDMMesh Networks project

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