Wireless Smoke Detector Unit and Network Project Report

Introduction to Wireless smoke detector unit and network project:

          Wireless smoke detector unit and network project explains about a concept of developing a software and hardware application for industries to provide security in terms of fire detection and smoke detection. Using this system we can switch of all the smoke detectors when one smoke detector is set to off.  In order to develop this system we use different hardware and software components like sensors (temperature, smoke, low battery) and transmitter and receiver for sending and receiving messages.

In this wireless smoke detector unit and network project we provide project abstract, paper presentation, main documentation. This project is developed by previous year electronics and communication engineering students.

In this project hardware and software components we use are micro controller (for taking decisions) smoke sensors ( for detecting smoke and sending signals to micro controller) temperature sensor( detecting temperature and sending information to micro controller) alarm, power supply , zigbee wireless communication system, and global system for mobile.

For more information on this topic students can download reference material, project reports from below download link.

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Download wireless smoke detector unit and network project report with ppt.

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