Wireless Networks Security and Intruder Attacks

Wireless networks are prone to intruder attacks at a higher rate when compared to the wired network due to the loose topological conditions across the network. As most of the wireless networks contains the mobile nodes and these nodes can move along the network without any specific infrastructure requirements and thus the intruder attacks are easily propagated across the wireless networks.

In general the wireless networks provide some default security options and this level of security is not sufficient across the wireless sensor networks. There are few aspects to be covered when taking regarding the security of the wireless networks and the main among them are the routing protocol level security and the node level security.

In general the type of routing protocol used to set the communication across the network plays an important role in estimating the intruder actions and there are different types of intruder actions that will make the routing protocols null and also the nodes that support the routing protocol created. In most of the cases the intruders are successful in accessing the resources of the routing protocol and also most of the intruders has penetrated at the communication level and made the mobile nodes of the wireless networks to quit from the communication process.

There are different kinds of intruder actions in general and due to these intruder actions the basic nature of the nodes and the corresponding routing protocol is affected a lot and the affected nodes will impose more and unnecessary traffic on the network. Due to this traffic the overall performance of the network is destroyed and even the object level performance across the network is also affected a lot and the actual traffic issued by the application is lost at the destination side.

Intruder traffic and anomaly traffic are created by the intruder nodes and these nodes will ultimately make the neighboring nodes to halt their communication operations and thus the impact on the overall network is more due to the intruder nodes. There are many techniques to identify the corresponding intruder actions and indeed they will create the rough traffic patterns on the network due to the intruder nodes and till now there is no perfect solution proposed in the literature against the intruder attacks on the node level and the routing protocol level.

Among the wireless networks, MANETS are proved to be more sensitive against the intruder attacks and in this context attack nodes across the MANET are considered in this project and routing protocol level parameters are used to estimate the corresponding intruder actions on the network. All the intruder actions against the routing protocol level and node are evaluated and the corresponding actions to be taken to detect the intruder actions are also suggested in this project.

In general the intruders will manipulate the application and routing protocol parameters and then they will imposed these traffic patterns on the neighboring nodes via the routing protocol and finally the server is degraded and it will start discarding all the data packets. The main problem identified and the solution implemented to solve the problem in this project is given in the below section.

Paper Written & Submitted by Harsha

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