Wireless Controlling For Robot Using RF Project Report

Wireless Controlling For Robot Project Introduction:

The proposed work is to design a system for wireless controlling for robotic machines Using RF in industries. In this we are using RF communication for wireless transmission. Because the signals does not get disturbed due to interfaces and noise components , which is important factor for sending signals , otherwise wise if delay occur in the transmission lot of damage may happen. A 89C52 micro controller is used for monitoring the  entire process. A wireless camera is provided so that the user can look the moments and accordingly he can give messages.

Circuit design ;

The design consists of an receiver unit and a transmitter unit. The transmitter unit consists of an AT89C52 microcontroller to which RF transmitter is connected and LCD is connected to see what is given. At the receiver unit a AT89C52 microcontroller is connected to which wireless camera and LCD and L293 drivers are connected to which motors are connected. The microcontroller is programmed using embedded c and entire process is done on keil software.

Working process:

Suppose if the user sends a message to move forward the message gets transmitted from transmitter unit and is received in the receiver unit , the microcontroller process the received message and give respective signal pulse to the relay drives which make the motors move according to the given message and user can see whether the message is performed or not.


This type of system is very useful in industries, for monitoring the devices and persons can control the robot by sitting at any place. There are a very minute chances of going wrong due to bugs , if it happens the microcontroller automatically reboots .

Download Wireless Controlling For Robot Using RF Project Report.

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