Wireless Communication Seminar Topic

Wireless communication seminar topic and report consists of

  • Introduction to zigbee wireless technology
  • Comparing different wireless technologies
  • Data transfer methods.

In this paper we presented a new ZIGBEE based wireless communication system. In recent days wireless technologies findings enormous applications in the field of telecommunication systems, here the data is transferred without the usage of wires by implementing the new wireless technology ZIGBEE.

This wireless communication systems find intense applications in short and medium distance data transfer systems. And had several applications in home based security, industrial automation, and automatic light control systems. This paper gives the detail study of wireless technologies and its recent advancements.

Comparing wireless and wifi technology. Wireless technology is a future technology where as WI-FI technology is general purpose network.

Introduction to ZIGBEE:

ZIGBEE is a high level communication protocol, this technology is intended to provide an cheaper and simple means of short range data transfer when compared to other wireless communications such as blue tooth, WPAN,s etc. these systems requires only 10% software requirements of conventional Bluetooth systems and these are cost effective, low power consuming devices, and highly reliable. These systems had self healing mechanisms, and can be accessed to multiple nodes.

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ZIGBEE wireless communication applications:

This advanced concept had applications in systems like secure mobile payment, health care monitoring, node to node data sharing, automatic meter reading systems, home alert systems, industrial control, and embedded sensing industrial automation, smoke detecting devices and secure information delivery systems.

Wireless communication Seminar Report

Data transfer methods:

In ZIGBEE based wireless communication there are three modes of data transfer they two ways of data transfer between the coordinator and the device, i.e. coordinator to device, device to coordinator, pear to pear data transfer i.e. point to point data transfer. In pear to pear topology each individual device can communicate with its preceding device directly, as already mentioned above this ZIGBEE concept has self forming and a self healing characteristic which makes this system reliable in mesh networking.

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