Windows Vista Introduction Seminar Reference Material for CSE Students

Introduction to Windows Vista Introduction Seminar Topic:

It is the operation system developed for the customers by the window after windows XP. It is developed for the personal computers, laptops, tablets for the general people. Anyone can purchase these operating systems. Development of this operating system is completed in 2006 but it was released after one year after lot of testing. Microsoft takes 5 years to develop these operating systems. Many new features were added to this, new interface graphics are of best quality than XP. New tools are added like DVD maker, networking, audio and video enhancement. It is based on the .net framework version 3. It has added many new features related to the security.

This operating faced lot of criticism and thus it fails in the market as it not user friendly as required.  It has lot of restrictions related to the security and its purchase. Thus the rate of success is less than the Windows XP.

It has new feature called breadcrumb trail that is used in the address bar for every folder. It means that you just need to press the name of any folder if exist then it will jump directly to that folder no need to scroll up and down. It also has aero glass that makes the interface look more interactive and 3D. If you want to switch any open program then you can use flip 3D view for that. You just need to press windows + TAB instead of ALT+TAB.

In the home screen it has side bar that is used to place the gadgets that are few pre installed in the systems. It has search option that can search whole system related to your query. You just need enter the file name it will search the whole computer. Welcome center that display all the information of the system specification.

Download  Windows Vista Introduction Seminar Reference Material for CSE Students.

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