Windows and Linux Cluster Project Report

Introduction to Windows and Linux Cluster Project:

Windows and Linux cluster project explains about developing a high performance cluster in both windows and Linux operating systems. Clustering is the process in which different computers are loosely couple closely and share information and in most cases entire setup is considered as single computer. Clustering method provides high availability and high performance. Main use of using clustering is to improve performance with less cost.

Clusters are divided in to three types grid clusters, load balancing clusters and high availability clusters. 

High Availability Clusters: 

    This is also called as fail over cluster which is used to improve availability of services. In this redundant nodes are used these are used when available system components are failed. In this method compulsory two nodes are used which is minimum requirement for providing redundancy. 

Load balancing clusters: 

In this clustering method work load is accepted through one or more front ends and share load to different back end platforms like sun grid engine, LSP HPC , maui cluster and moab cluster scheduler. 

Grid Cluster:

 In Grid cluster different computers are connected in a dispersed manner and they are not fully trust worthy to each other. This clustering method is closely related to cluster computing. Grid computing is like a computing utility compare to single computer. 

In present scenario developing high performance computing technology is our reach with availability of standard servers.  Present available clusters can range from few nodes to hundred of nodes. In past clustering technology maintenance, wiring, provisioning, configuring, installation used to be complex job. In this project we explain about cluster in windows and Linux. 

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