The title of our project is Wimax Projects for Students on Equipment for physically and mentally challenged persons; in this project we developed guiding equipment for old age people and physically handicapped people by implementing a communication module using WiMAX technology. This system provides an easy means communication interface between the blind, deaf and dumb.

Project description:

The proposed consists of text to voice converter, voice to text converter and WiMAX wireless module. Here in this system the “text to voice converter” and the “voice to text converter” are the main components. the text entered by the deaf and dumb people is converted into voice signals for the blind people  by the text to voice converter and the voice signals from the blind people is converted into text by the voice to text converter for the deaf and dumb people.

WiMAX   wireless technology:

WiMAX(Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) is a new generation broad band technology, which is gaining importance globally; this wireless technology is capable of transferring data over long distances, by means of a point-to-point link connection to the Internet from an ISP to terminal user. This new technology is far most applicable when compared to the Wi-Fiand access data over wide range.

Text to voice converter:

  • Purpose: to convert text in speech signals.
  • Mechanism: input word -text processing – prosody – concatenation – voice signal output – speaker.
  • Service: helpful for blind people.

Download Wimax Projects for Students on Equipment for Physically and Mentally Challenged Persons Project Report

Voice to text converter:

  • Purpose: speech-text-transmit communication.
  • Mechanism: voice input signal – spectral analysis – text data – displaying the text data.
  • Service: The text to speech conversion device uses speech pattern data stored in a speech pattern database for synthesizing human voice signals into text.