Wikipedia Student Project

Introduction to Wikipedia student project:

Students Wikipedia project is implemented using JDK, apache tomcat server using MY SQL. Main idea of this project is to develop a website like Wikipedia which will contain information for students as reference for different topics on technology of different branches.  In every engineering college there are many branches from chemical to electronics and communication where there is need for new reference topics and discussions to gain knowledge. This application will provide solution by allowing faculty members to update latest topics to students Wikipedia website.

In this website only faculty members can edit and update content but students can only view content. In existing system there is no concept like students Wikipedia which can help students and get interacted with faculty members.

In proposed system this application is developed for college  which can also be useful for many students from all over the world. This application can reduce paper work , students can gain knowledge in detail on new topics, easy to use.

For more information on this project students can download reference material from below download link.

Computer science and information technology students can find more related projects with source code and project reports from this site for free of cost.

Download Wikipedia student project from this link.

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