WIFI Technology PPT Presentation

Introduction to WIFI Technology PPT Presentation:

Wi-Fi stands for wireless fidelity.  It a fast and wireless connection that can be accessed from anywhere either you are at home or office. No wire is required. We can connect anywhere if we are in the range of Wi-Fi. You can move anywhere while connected.

WIFI Hotspots Technology:  it is a small area that is ready to access internet connections. They use broadband connections to access internet.  It can be anywhere either public or private. It can be setup all the locations as discussed earlier in Wi-Fi.

Wi=Fi are mostly used professional sectors like business man, corporate companies, universities, scientist, in seminars and conferences. It is used when there are large people to connect on single connections like airports, café coffee day, book stores. Etc. for that an access point is created, and with the help of that access point, internet can be accessed over the Wi-Fi. 

Wireless router uses an access point, Ethernet switch by which I providesintegrated WAN interface. We can also connect DSL modem to it.While EthernetBridge is used for connecting wireless network tothe wired network. If we want it use range of wireless network then we can also range extender. It increases the range current wireless network.

If u want to connect to then our must have pc or laptop , network interface card( optional ), an access point, an internet connection, network switch, multiple access point for large area network, proper operating system in PC.


They use unlicensed packet radio systems, their products are easily available, we don’t need to stick to our table through cable. Many access point support various encryption.


They have limited range; power consumption is fairly high .

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