WIFI Based Industrial Monitoring and Controlling Using Arm Processor Project Report


The proposed design is to provide industrial or home automation is useful for monitoring the drivers from any distance. The messages are sent from the pc using an Ethernet module. A arm-cortex processor is used which monitors are the components according to the given message, with the sensed information sent from the sensors.

Circuit design and working:

The circuit unit consists of transmitter unit and receiver unit. The pc is connected to a Ethernet module and the message is transmitted to the receiver by using a wifi transceiver. In the receiver unit light, humidity and temperature sensors are connected to ADC0809.The ULN2003 drives are used for giving the signal to the relays there which the derives can be put on and off. The ARM will gill fast response compared to that of normal processor. Wi-Fi technology uses RF for transmission, which has low interface and noise can that data at a high speed. The keil software is very advantageous in programming flash memories. It provides an interface for connecting forget via serial line.

Applications and future scope:

Applications and future scope these type of automation system can used in homes, industries etc. By using this automation design, we can reduce the usage of man power, and the damage of devices can also be reduces.

Download WIFI Based Industrial Monitoring and Controlling Using Arm Processor Project Report.

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