White Collar Crime Seminar Report

Introduction to White Collar Crime:

A white collar crime means a crime carried out by a person of high social reputation during his serving period or he being employed. Nowadays, the white collar crime is viewed as a socio-economic position of the person carrying out the crime. Many people feel that white collar crime is not a condemnable crime as compared to other violent crimes. As this sort of crime is carried out by people belonging to greater socio-economic background, they have the opportunity to hire better lawyers to defend them. Whereas the people belonging to lesser socio-economic status fail to hire a private lawyer due to which they have to depend on a public prosecutor.

Edwin Sutherland is the person who created the term ’white-collar crime and he debated that corporate and governmental officials constantly carry out crimes that are as detrimental to the society as the violent blue-collar crimes. The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) is an eminent organization in US initiating the task of the nation’s criminal defense lawyers to safeguard justice and punish the people charged of crime or other misbehavior. Similarly, the task of National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C) is to offer training, examination support and investigation to departments and individuals concerned with the prohibition, inspection and execution of economic and high-level crime.

White collar crimes can be executed at the state or federal level, relying upon the violation of a state or federal law. If found guilty, the person would serve a jail term, pay large fines and compensate to the victims suffered by the crime. Finally, it is concluded that unless the people stand against it united, the white collar crimes cannot be curbed. 

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