Web Spoofing Seminar PPT Presentation

Introduction to Web Spoofing Seminar PPT Presentation:

The paper is about the website spoofing. It is the process of creating a website in a fake manner such that the readers can be misled, that it has created by other different person or other organization. This process of spoofing will be similar to that of the design of the target website and even times it is similar to that of URL of the target.

The other process of the spoofing includes the usage of the ‘cloaked’ URL, Either by using the domain forwarding or can be either by inserting some control characters. This URL can appear in the same way as the genuine one when we are comparing with the address of the actual website.

To initiate the process, firstly the attacker will create a false copy of the original one with some similarities. These sites are capable of tracking the credential information related to usernames, passwords, and the credit card details. The false copy or the fake one will resemble in the similar manner of the original one. The attacker is capable of tracking all the false web pages.

The process of the spoofing will follow as, initially the message which is fake will be sent by the spoofer to the user. Then the user imagining it as the genuine site provides the credential information to the server. This spoofer is capable of tracking the information which is received from the server.  This information is used for performing the illegal actions.

We can conclude that the current technology is not able to avoid the web spoofing. This can be achieved by improving the security so that the spoofing can be controlled. 

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