Web Portal for Student Placements Project in Asp.Net

Web Portal for Student Placements Project is developed in Asp.net programming language. Main objective of this project is to help students to know updated information about placements.

The Placement Office (PO) of the Faculty of Design and Technology in RGU is responsible for placing a considerable number of students attending the four schools affiliated with the Faculty.

This process can be quite cumbersome, error-prone and time consuming, in that it involves communicating through emails and letters between the PO staff and students on the one hand, and between the PO staff and companies on the other hand. The PO would like to develop a web-based solution in order to streamline the placement process.

This will allow, for example, students to upload their CVs on the web site, fill in various forms (e.g., the Health and Safety checklist)… and for the companies to upload their placement opportunities… The PO will be able to generate automatic email shots and reports… Each category of users needs to be able to have access to the relevant part of the database using appropriate security clearance.

Advantages of Web portal for Student Placements:

Students can find updated information about company offers.

Information of tests, location, requirements are specified in the websites.

From any location user can view placement details and know about interview details.

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