Web Portal Project Report on BTIRT

Introduction to Web Portal Project on BTIRT:

The Birla Portal is an internet based web pages that is an idea which developed as a bud, that is authenticated and introduced as a Project. As we know that unless the shareholder has voted for his or her approval the project can not be started. The Project got approved by only thinking and assistance and also time given for the initiation. 

The Project is called the Birla Portal developed web portal forBTIRTCollegeto make an online interaction between the students and the faculties. The web allows students.

  1. By Registering themselves
  2. To view updates and news about the college.
  3. To see the information related with the courses.
  4. To see the photo gallery
  5. To see and download the time table for the classes 

The website consists of the webpages, photos, videos and other digital information which is posted to the webpages to make accessible to the user on Internet, Cell phones and the LAN. 

To develop a Web- enabled Data Driven decision support system possesses the four tasks.

  1. Database Design
  2. Database Development
  3. Database Programming Languages
  4. Web Programming

These above tasks also require a experimental knowledge of developing the decision support systems. 

The Project is developed as required and for the college students and the faculties. 

The website seems to be very impressive and dynamic unlike the old website. The new website has huge database.

The website details are

  1. The Home page provides the links which takes one to the Campus information, management, faculties and infrastructure development.
  2. The module for user to log in and to access the information of the College. 

Download  Web Portal Project Report on BTIRT.

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