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Web-Pharmaceuticals project Abstract

July 21, 2012

Introduction to Web-Pharmaceuticals project:

Web pharmaceuticals project is implemented in java platform using HTML, java script and CSS and oracle as database. Main aim of web pharmaceuticals project is to develop a online web portal which can handle products information, booking from distributors from all over the world and online payment for orders and customer support for distributors. This application will atomize the procedure of drugs supply by Pharmaceuticals Company and improve business standards and customer relationship. Using these application distributors can view detailed information of transactions and drugs information and future orders from his account.

This application consists of four modules admin module, user module, order products module, reports module.

Admin module: This module allows adding, deleting and modifying product details and updating to database. This module maintains customers, dealers, information in database. This module is sub divided in to five modules.

User Module: Users should register with application and buy products be selecting from the list. Users are provided option of DD, Check and Credit card payment.

Product Module: This module allows distributors and users to request for products they want and order products though online payment.

Report Module:   Using this module users can view transactions and order information and take print out.

For more information on this project students can download project report from below download link. 

Download Web-Pharmaceuticals project Abstract from this link.

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    hi thank u for providing project information….u r doing good job..keep going…

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