Web based Reward Points Management System Project Abstract

Introduction to Web based Reward Points Management System Project:

Web based reward points management system project is implemented in java programming language. Main aim of this project is to develop a information bar for web browsers through which users can find links of related sites based on the content user is searching.  This will help users to easily navigate to the website for reference with short time span. In order to improve usage of this information bar by users we provide point system in which if user reaches 100 points he can use these points to buy gifts on his own interest from the online market. This process of providing point system is called as point’s management system.

Objectives for developing Reward point’s management system

  1. Database for storing users information
  2. User interface for adding, deleting, modifying and updating user details
  3. Modules for maintaining points information
  4. Providing facility for users to transfer points to buy gifts of their own choice form online market.
  5. Provide security by controlling fraud users.
  6. Report generation module for finding out total number of users subscribed to information bar for month and year.
  7. Communication method with users for updating new features and points system. This is done by email.

Developing this application can help students to gain knowledge on analysis, design, implementation, user interface and testing.

This application is implemented in three modules administrator module, reporting module, customer details module. These modules are divided based on roles and responsibilities.

Students can find detailed explanation, hardware and software requirements and features that need to be implemented for developing this project from project abstract.

Download Web based reward points management system project Abstract.

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