Web Based Immigration Portal Project in Asp.Net

Web Based Immigration Portal Project in Asp.Net is an application, which is used to track the different users of the system and provide them a variety of information. This site provides all the general information regarding particular country which include details about the country, resources of the country, FAQ’s, traveling details of the country, statistics and trends, currency converter, list of government immigration sites.

Web Based Immigration Portal Project

The main users of this application are

  • End users (Immigration Applications)
  • Employees
  • migration Department
  • Accounting setoff

Each reader or user will communicate for a different purpose with the system

  • End user communicates with system for company details its products, dealers for the product and to provide feedback for the system.
  • Immigration Department takes care about immigration process which includes legal policies.

For New Applicants:-

           Immigration website gives detailed description about Immigration process, countries which offer different types of visa.

  • For existing Immigration aspirants:-

             Existing aspirants can view their immigration status.

  • For Immigration Department: – Immigration department details.
  • For Accounting staff :-

             Reports regarding the amount paid by the applicants.

Product Scope:

  • The scope of the project is to extend immigration details of various countries by analyzing the different VISA procedures
  • Easy to extend immigration access information
  • Maximize regional details in terms of new and events

Benefits of the System:-

  • Authorized accessing is provided to the authorized persons.
  • Consumes less time for issuing visa.

Goals of the System:

  • The basic objective of this project is to design immigration portal to exchange an immigration functionalities
  • Submit different visa applications by an end users

Overall Description: –

Product Perspective:

           OCSC Global forward the client details to the enquiry department for fast enquiry process.

Product Functions: –

  • Automate the communication between the clients and the company.
  • Obtain feedback from the clients and dealers.
  • Obtain workshop details.

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