Web Based Employees Communication System Asp.Net Project Report

The Live Meeting is the project that has been developed for the convenience of the employees in segregated places of the same company to communicate each other. This project creates a digital room for the project leaders, system administrators and programmers to communicate each other by sending messages. 

The administrator from his system keeps contact with their project leaders and programmers by log in to the system and after completion of the work he can log out. This also provides application for the offline messages. The administrator first identifies the IP address of the desired employees and interacts with them. This is useful as the administrator can get the ongoing work reports and its status. 

The system records the login time of the user automatically. By seeing the current online system and IP address is identified by the administrator for sending the messages to the programmer, single or multiple. The application reduces the cumbersome desk work which enhances focus of the programmer on to the project. 

The Proposed system features: 

  1. The administrator and the Project leaders or Programmers will always be in contact about the progress of their project.
  2. The login time and log out time is automatically recorded for the user for their work time.
  3. The online as well as offline messages can be seen.
  4. The employee hierarchy is formed. 

The functional features of the Live Meeting: 

  1. Message sending
  2. Chatting
  3. View messages
  4. Employees status and hierarchy i.e., Administrator -à Leader -à Programmer.
  5. Login
  6. Logout 

The Hardware requires PC with 2 GB hard disk drive and 256 MB RAM.

The Software requires Windows XP operating system.

Download  Web Based Employees Communication System Asp.Net Project Report.

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