Wearable Gestural Interface Device-Sixth Sense Technology CSE Seminar Topic

Introduction to Wearable Gestural Interface Device-Sixth Sense Technology Topic:

Wearable Gestural Interface Device-Sixth Sense Technology CSE Seminar Topic explains about five basic senses of the human body comprises of vision, touch, smell, taste and hear, Sixth Sense is a term which we have usually heard or even experiences. It has something greater than what their physical senses are able to perceive, some people call it super natural

The Sixth Sense technology was first implemented in real world was the neck worn projector + camera system. This project has a device that builds up the physical world with digital information and also allows user’s hand for system interaction

Main Project Elements Used:

• A pocket projector

• A mirror,

• A camera.

• Mobile component

• Colored marker

This project acts like a touch screen device sans a touch pad; user’s can move or drag pictures with their hand on virtual screens. This can make our own gesture which our sixth sense device can understand, and can change the Sixth Sense to our need. Various colored codes or markers are placed on user’s fingers to analyze movements and gestures. In order to zoom in or out the fingers are moved as if in a touch screen device, the thumb and index fingers are moved proportionally to and fro to zoom in or out. The finger movements can also be used to draw pictures.

This compatible device which is connected via bluetooth to a smart phone device comprises of a camera, mirror glass, projector etc. The camera lens captures the person, various images and pick, hand gestures and signals etc which are in turn send to the smart device for further processing. The projector is then used to project the image straight on the mirror which in turn will reflect back the image on a particular area or surface. The final projected image is placed wherever we wants and is vacated from any confinement.

This project also deals with other technologies like mobile communications, image recognition, markers technology, and multimedia computer vision based techniques.

Some of the main advantages of this project are, device is portable, inexpensive, multi-sensory, connectedness. It acts as an interface between the world and information.

Download Wearable Gestural Interface Device-Sixth Sense Technology CSE Seminar Topic.

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