Water Level Indicator Minor Project


Water Level Indicator Minor Project aims at designing a water level indicator. A circuit is designed in such away that it indicates the level of water in the tank and gives an alarm when it is full. A CD4066 bilateral switch is connected to led to indicate water level. Certain no of electric probes are placed in the tank at certain heights for water level indication. When the water touches the electric probe the respective probe led glows. The alarm is produced by an peizo electric buzzer , which is connected to the last electric probe.

Working circuit design:

The entire circuit is designed on a bread board for the purpose of reusability, which is not possible with an soldiered board. Certain number of probes are connected to CD4066 bilateral switch and to this led is connected, when the water touches the probe the respective probe glows and at same time alarm blows. A 6V AC current is supplied to the probes, so that when the switch touches the probe it makes the switch on/off. The power supplied to the electric probe should be monitored because excess flow of current may cause electrolysis.

Applications and Future scope:

This is an effective system for knowing the level of water in the tank. This project can also be successfully implemented in minor and major projects for knowing the level of water. Instead of employing electric probes for knowing the level of water  we can also use the signaling method. The level of water is known by the time taken by the signal to come back.

Download Water Level Indicator Minor Project.

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  1. It is one of the good projects for engineering students. I am thankful to you for sharing the circuit diagram and detailed explanation about that circuit diagram in the attachment. But, it would also be much better if you publish that circuit diagram on this page itself.

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