Warehouse Executor Project In .Net

Introduction to Warehouse Executor Project:

Warehouse executor project is implemented in Asp.Net platform using VC#.Net coding language and Ajax user interface. Main aim of this project is to manage different tasks like product details, updating activities at different branches providing brand names for products based on their design structures and many other operations. This application is a integrated software which can perform warehouse operations for monitory quantity, shipping details, stock storage details and packaging related information.

In existing system manual records are used to manage all these data which is not an efficient method and in manual method. In this method retrieving old data is not an easy task and there are chances of loosing data.

In proposed system data is maintained in centralized database where data updated from different locations will be updated to database. Maintaining data is more efficient. Retrieving old records is very easy and time saving process. In this method there is no chance of data loss because data is stored in the database and backup files.

In present scenario this software’s are used in many organizations mainly in shipping and transportation industry.

Developing this application as mini project will help computer science engineering students to gain knowledge on visual C# programming and database, data access layer, user interface design.

Here we provide full project report, source code, database, dfd diagrams, e-diagrams, sequence diagrams, table design and paper presentation for free download.

Download ware house executor project in .Net with source code form this link.

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