Introduction to Voltage Stability Analysis under Normal and Contingency Conditions:

The project aims at designing a voltage stability analyzer which can work effectively under normal and contingency conditions. In this we will design a algorithm so as to calculate the voltage fluctuation occurring and maintain a constant supply voltage. In this paper we will discuss the about the algorithm for calculating the voltage fluctuations occurring in the device.

Brief into the working of voltage stability analyzer:

Due to small disturbances occurring in the device the system may collapse, so to control these we will design a algorithm. In this we will use an L-index method for calculating the voltage fluctuation values. By suing the L index method we will obtain scalar values of the load elements used in the circuit.

By maintaining the L index values at 0 to 1 margin the voltage fluctuations are controlled. By using this we can know the load elements values so that we can know the disturbances occurred due to load elements. The software for analyzing the voltage values is designed using mat lab program.

The application software predicts the change in voltage values and maintains a constant phase margin. This is a cost effective system for controlling the voltage fluctuations in electrical devices.


By using this device we can control the voltage fluctuations occurring in a device. As we can know the voltage values by using the stabilizer we can adjust the voltage values according to our requirement. By using this device we protect the device from damages occurring due to over voltages and short circuits. The voltage stability analyzer can work efficiently in both low voltage and high voltage conditions.

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