Voice Morphing Technical Seminar

Introduction to Voice Morphing Technical Seminar:

Voice morphing means transmission of one voice signal to another. The voice morphing is quite similar to the image morphing in which the texture and the shape changes smoothly until the final image is obtain. Similarly in voice morphing the speech is changes smoothly until the final signal is obtain.

The information and the pitch are main properties of the signal. To extract the information from the signal we have adopted the cepatral approach. It uses dynamic time wrapping to match the pitch of the signal and to convert the waveform of the morphed signal. Voice morphing is very feasible.

Processing:– It is very challenge full and interesting task. The analog form of the morphed signal can be obtained by sampling the acoustic waveform of the transmitted signal. For transferring the signal we split the signal into many frames of waveform and then transmission is applied on the signal.

This process works on the digital signal. Morphing the pitch of the speech is key element of the transmission. If different pitches signal are used then we will going to heard two different voices. For a successful morphing we must exhibits mouth changing of the pitch of the signal. Compression of the signal is done so that it matches when checking is done. The frames are converted into normal waveform at the final stage.

For doing comprehensive analysis we have to follow a algorithm which contain various signal processing methods which includes sampling, Fourier transform and cepatral analysis. This analysis can be categorized in various steps they are, representing of the conversion, which involves the presentation of the signal. Cepatral and pitch analysis of the signal are set to extract the information from the signal. Warping of the transmitted signal and the final step is to re estimate the transmitted signal.

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