VLIW Architecture Technical Seminar Topic with PPT

Introduction to VLIW Architecture Paper Presentation:

This Seminar Topic explains about Architectural plans of the VLIW which has a great trend of incremental performances in this generation. This increasing performance includes sub parts like the Semi conductor technology, parallel processing, and the parallel structure inside the processors too. Parallel processing includes sub types like the Multi processors and the multi computers. Parallel structure also has some of the sub contents like the Pipe lining and the ILP’s. The ILPs are called as the Instruction level Parallelism. This includes the parallel execution of the instructions and secondly the Overloading of the instructions. There are also ILP processors like the super scalar processor and the VLIW processor.

Basically the VLIW stands for the Very Long Instruction Words. This system instructs the other by hundreds of bits at the same duration of time period. These systems also make the use of the large instruction called as the Multiop processor. Here the Multiple and the several functions and the units are been under use.

The functional units also share the similar files and documents. There is a slight code compression of the code inside the builder or the compiler. The requirements of the VLIW are the 64 bit compressed VLIW architectural plans, this make use of the various multiops. The single operations are done in the 32 bit file compression’s. There is a special bit which acts as the stopper for the words of the instructions.

The advantage of the VLIW system is it has very less amount of hardware requirements. It has the static scheduling means more hardware can be used here to execute the programs. The software’s here has the great observation window like the ILP. The upcoming updates that will be made to the devices are the encoding that went waste will be consumed. There will be a large memory to store the programs of the execution process period.

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