Virus Tracking System Project Report

The “Virus Tracking System” will scan the system files and detects the virus and alerts the user whenever necessary.Viruses and other malicious programs are an ever increasing threat to current computer systems. They can cause damage and consume countless hours and system administration time to combat. 

The basic ideas, concepts, components and approaches involved in developing an anti-virus program from a developer’s/software engineer’s point of view is discussed here. It will focus on the main elements of an anti-virus engine and will exclude aspects like graphical user interfaces, real-time monitors, file system drivers and plug-ins for certain application software like Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Office. virus tracking system project


Virus Tracking System Project Modules :

The following are the different modules in to which we have divided our complete project.

HOME PAGE:       

The home page of the “Virus Tracking System” contains the options the user can navigate to the other modules of the system. This is the beginning module of the project.


This module is the part of the project where the user can update the database of the antivirus so that we can increase the antivirus efficiency and accuracy.

This module again subdivides into two different categories where one is about the adding the new code and other is to delete the existing code from the virus database.

In add module the user will be given the option to enter any virus source code in assembly level so that he will be intimated whenever the file that is made by the same source code is scanned.

In the deletion module the system will display the list of the codes that are there in the database and the user can select and delete the code which he doesn’t want to detect it as virus.


This module corresponds to the scanning part of the antivirus. Here the user gets the options of scanning the file he wanted to scan. Here the selected file or folder will be passed to the disassembler module.

This module again consists of three different sub modules namely, scanning of a given single file, scanning of a specific folder, and scanning of the entire system. 


The disassembler is the core part of our system. Here the file or set of files that are selected in the scanning module will be taken and they are translated to the assembly level code. The assembly level code that was generated for each file scanned will be passed to the next module.

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